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Are You Denying the Truth of You? MP4

Are You Denying the Truth of You?

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Recorded in London, England, John-Roger suggests, "The biggest disease that we are now dealing with on the planet is not a medical disease at all. It is not a spiritual disease in the sense of what we call spiritual, where you are cut off from God and your spirit withers. It is the disease of denial: denying true things when we hear them and denying our involvement. We would rather look at ourselves as being the victim to our existence."

This is an uplifting seminar in which J-R, after first naming the challenge, then reminds us Who we are. "Don’t deny the wonderfulness inside of you," he says to us.

Within the seminar, J-R reminds us of the foundational teachings of MSIA. Among others, he describes our journey through the Realms to Soul. Want to discover the truth of you? Start with this seminar.

This seminar is a DVD Club seminar. Current subscribers to DVD Club receive a 25% discount on all DVD Club items.

God Bless You!

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