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Which Cults are You Bonding Too? MP4

Which Cults are You Bonding Too?

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Have you ever been part of a cult? You haven't? Look again. A cult can be any person or organization that tries to get you to do what its doing. Ring a bell? How about your high school buddies, Mom and Dad, church, name it. It could be any organization that appeals to your desire to find comrades, to bond with others.

Through personal reminiscence, John-Roger speaks about groups he has experienced in his life. He suggests that if a group you're participating with is a cult, you get afraid to look at it carefully. If, however, your mind is open to your experience, then you just look without having to "believe" anything. Would you like to know how you can achieve this detached state?

Here is a clue. J-R says, "Speak kind words to yourself and each other because kind words are really the Soul Tones of the heart."

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God Bless You!

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