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What Is Proper Spiritual Behavior? MP4

What Is Proper Spiritual Behavior?

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When bad things happen to a good person like yourself, what do you do? Do you "behave" yourself? Or do you get indignant and react?

Here's a seminar in which John-Roger makes a blueprint for how we can respond with good spiritual behavior no matter what the circumstance. J-R starts with examples of how not to behave. You probably don't do this, but J-R says, "Some people want others to have good behavior and you know what their measure is? That you do what they want you to do. And when you don't do what they want, they make a problem by what they do inside themselves with that. That's the problem."

So how do you behave when someone wants you to do it their way? This J-R seminar is a way to find the answer to that question, and many others.

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God Bless You!

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