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The Blessed Curse

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In this especially sweet talk, John-Roger addresses the essence and form of MSIA. Other things he says might intrigue you too, for instance, he speaks of some of the mysteries of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. John takes a clear look at karma and how to deal with it. He covers resistance and alignment. And he amplifies Soul Transcendence. Within that range of topics, you and your Soul reside.

J-R ends by reminding us, "You're beloved of God. You're cherished. The evidence is, you're here now. And this is a place of protection. This is a place where all Souls are embraced, held like a babe in arms, like one who is newly born and welcomed as if it were the Promised One, the One Who God has spoken of through all time."

If this is the kind of reminder you're looking for, you will find it -- and many others -- in this talk.

This seminar is a DVD Club seminar. Current subscribers to DVD Club receive a 25% discount on all DVD Club items.

God Bless You!

Length of MP3: 50:44


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