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Selfing - Spirit's Gift of Love MP3

Selfing - Spirit's Gift of Love

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Here is a seminar from Dallas Texas, in which John-Roger comments on the personal care we give...or fail to our bodies, feelings and minds. He observes, "One of the greatest social diseases that we have on the planet is not caused by being with another person. It’s a disease we have with ourself."

J-R goes on to say that the most important state of self education is what’s going on inside of each of us. He says, "The physical body is a high form of evolution. And if you can get in and touch into your spirit and feel that, then you’re drinking of life eternal." And if you don’t, well... you don't want to know.

"If God is in us, as us," J-R continues, "and God is a creator, that means we have creative ability in and around us. And what we’re getting in our life is exactly what we have created. Even though we don’t know how we created it."

"We are to have joy and if you’re not having that, it really is time to look at what you’re doing in your life to see what you’ve set up that blocks you," J-R says. In this seminar, he offers a stepping stone toward joy.

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God Bless You!

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