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Is Tradition the Great Betrayer? MP3

Is Tradition the Great Betrayer?

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John-Roger begins this seminar by noting that part of the biblical prophecy says, " '--in those later days I'll pour out my spirit--' And elsewhere is the same idea in the words, '-- in those days when this happens, that that can be shook will be shook.' And that is taking place. " His words are a set-up for the seminar's theme: following tradition keeps us from being present to spiritual realization.

J-R continues with an illustration, "You see, if I show you this ring and I show it to you again tomorrow, you will not see this ring fresh tomorrow but you see it as the image from today. Therefore, you cannot be present to it because you've missed the eternal nowness of the ring that is present."

"My work on this planet, J-R says, " is to demystify living, to bring it to the most simple state, to show the cause and effect: as you sow, you reap." With stories and illustrations, J-R reveals how we can forsake traditional thought and come into a new state of awareness. "And that awareness," he says, "traditionally is the loving heart. "

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God Bless You!

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