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The Divine Presence and Kingdom is Within MP4

The Divine Presence and Kingdom is Within

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If you're having challenges with your co-worker or your spouse, this is the John-Roger seminar that will guide you into that place of wisdom inside... that place that already knows how to choose the best response. J-R begins this way, "Jesus is a man who transcended everything and got to the place we are all going to. It's interesting that many millions of people worship Jesus as God," he continues, "and yet Jesus himself said, 'I, of myself, do nothing. The father within me does all this work.' That means that Jesus knew there was something bigger than himself as a man."

J-R speaks of the parts of us that express our human destiny..... bickering, complaining, lusting, avarice.... basically sin, which means 'missing the mark.' But then he refers to divine destiny as having gone on from the very beginning. "in fact, we could as a radical point of view look at our life here on this planet as God's personality. That means it's an awful big God with a whole lot of personality."

Now how does J-R weave these themes together to give us an idea of how to live our lives by the example of Jesus? Get ready to learn to choose.

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God Bless You!

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