2017 Update Thumbdrive

2017 Update Thumbdrive

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A beautiful Media Library Update, containing 32 audios, 20 videos, 2 photos including:
2017 new releases: 
The Royal Road to Awakening (Mar. '81) - Part 1
Christmas Eve 1974 - John-Roger Excerpt, Meditation & Blessing
Simply Be Happy (Apr. '98) - John Morton
The Color Balance Meditation (Mar. '71)
The Meditation of Discovery (June '77)
Dear Johns Letters (June '87)
Choosing Into the Divine Presence
Moments of Divine Presence
Building Platforms in Higher Consciousness and Clearing Thought Forms (May '70) 
2017 SATs - 12
2017 Videoclub - 6
2017 Moments of Peace - 6
Remastered video seminars 
Is It Running You? 
Can a Marriage Be Threatened?  
What Are We Doing to Ourselves? 
Are You Surrendering Your Leadership?
The Movement Philosophy vs. Deception and Lust                 
In the Line of the Traveler - John Morton
A wonderful first addition or update to your Media Library.
32 Audios   20 Videos   2 Photos   10 GB    


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