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Welcome Home Prodigal Son MP3

Welcome Home Prodigal Son

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If you're feeling separate, afraid and wondering what's going on, this
seminar should bring you comfort. John-Roger begins, "The spiritual 
energy comes to you according to your availability to it." Then he defines our 
challenge, "Let's be realistic. We've been trained to believe almost everything
we hear."  
J-R speaks about the people who criticize MSIA and details the system by which
people who use negativity for their agenda get others to believe their stories.
You might want to pay attention because these days, our lives are filled with 
this approach. J-R's counsel is that we check it out and walk away.
John-Roger's story of his path to Spirit included several instances of his saying
"No"  and he briefly outlines that path in his own vivid way. At some point in his 
dialogue with the inner Spirit, he asks how he is to work with people. J-R reports 
that the  'John' Traveler voice inside said to him, "You don't know how. But when 
you speak, I will be speaking in the spirit of Truth. I will teach their heart while
you keep them occupied." 
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God Bless You!

Length of MP3: 48:36


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