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The Royal Road - The Path to Mastership MP3

The Royal Road - The Path to Mastership

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This NEW 7-MP3 bundle is a comprehensive collection of the teachings that help us get on, and stay on, the inner path to spiritual mastership. 

Containing 139 excerpts, 4 meditations, and 2 seminars related to the topic of mastership, this consolidatidated packet will make another wonderful addition to your collection of J-R's works. 

MP3 1 - 67:39  The Royal Road , On/Off  The Master’s Path , The Master’s Path, Truth, Sacrifice, Faith
MP3 2 - 51:23  Creativity, Intelligence, God’s Will
MP3 3 - 56:39  Devotion, Discipline, Service
MP3 4 - 50:09  Love, Mastership
MP3 5 - 44:58    Christmas Eve 1974 - John-Roger Excerpt, Meditation & Blessing   Seeking Truth on the Spiritual Path (May ‘71)
MP3 6 - 52:54 The Royal Road to Awakening (Mar. ‘81) Part 1
MP3 7 - 70:39 Luxor Meditation (Aug. ‘84) Meditation Walk at Luxor Temple (Mar. ‘85) Luxor Temple Meditation (July ‘86)


“Master yourself. There’s no need to master anything here. Once you’ve mastered that, there’s no place for a master here.”

“It’s easier to travel from  this physical level into the soul level, than it is to travel from any of the other levels before you reach the soul level. That’s why we, most of us, have chosen to incarnate here, is that we can bridge straight through, we can go right up to the top.”

Above quotes - John-Roger, DSS  from the enclosed programs

God Bless You!

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