2018  Update Thumbdrive

2018 Update Thumbdrive

Stock # TD9

*If you're a SAT subscriber, you can ask to include 2018 SATs with your Collection at no additional cost**
A beautiful Media Library Update, containing 35 audios, 21 videos, including:
2018 new releases: 
The Royal Road - The Path to Mastership - packet
Being Heaven on Earth - packet
Blessings This Day
The Life of an MSIA Initiate
The Royal Road to Awakening (Mar. '81) Part 2 
Natural Learning vs. Natural Knowing (Oct. '94)
Perfection is That Which Is (Oct. '91) 
The Spiritual Energy of the Mystical Traveler (Mar. '81) 
How Spiritually Evolved Are You? (Mar. '93) 
Knowing God's Body (Oct. '69)
Crystallizations and the Work of the Traveler (Jan. '70)
The Law of Reversibility (Feb. '70)
The Magnetic and the Spiritual Light (Feb. '70)
Moving Into Spirit & The Circle of Light Meditation (Jan. '69)
How Does Multi-Dimensional Consciousness Appear? (Oct.'75)
What is Necessary for Soul Transcendence? (Feb. '70) 
We Can Have the Kingdom of Heaven Right Now (Mar. '70)
Who/What Is the Spiritual/Mystical Traveler? (Oct. '69)
2018 SATs - 12
2018 Videoclub - 6
2018 Moments of Peace - 6
2018 Remastered video seminars 
Watch What You Pray For 
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Accomplishment vs. Success
What Kind of Weirdo Are You?
Have You Suppressed Your Best? 
Insightful Explanation and the Heartfelt Meditation
A wonderful first addition or update to your Media Library.
35 Audios 21 Videos 13 GB 


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