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Perfection Is That Which Is  MP4

Perfection Is That Which Is

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In this seminar, J-R talks about that which many of us strive for: Perfection. His message, however, may be a little different than what you might expect. 
He starts by defining perfection this way: "Perfection is what is.  And... You don't like it that way. That's the problem. You don't like it that way and so you fight against that which is. And that which is, is God." 
Here he points out how the odds are even more stacked against you when fighting against  that which is, and how we can instead work within that to our own benefit, summarizing  how we project our own problems "out there" at the end of a hilarious anecdote about an ink blot test. "The whole world is an ink blot. And we're ink blots walking around  in it. Because people say they see us doing things that we don't do, or they say they see us in places that we've never been... In MSIA, most all of you will live in illusions because the perfection that you're living is cluttered up with ink blots."
By the end of this seminar, you will have learned how you create, and thus remove, the blockages preventing the energy of Spirit from flowing through you so that you may live within that perfection more joyfully and lovingly. 
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God Bless You!
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