Highlights from the Representatives Meeting at the Conference of Heaven on Earth

By: MSIA Staff

July 19th, 2018

Vincent and I wanted to follow-up with each of you with a re-cap of the key information/highlights that were brought forward during the meeting.


The theme of this year’s ALL-REPS meeting was Celebrating 50 years of J-R bringing forward the teachings of Soul Transcendence and specifically to celebrate each of you as an Ambassador of Light, demonstrating Living Love.

Leigh Taylor-Young Morton, as our MSIA Ambassador, led a beautiful meditation in which we were invited to see how the Light and loving that we are shines as we go through our daily lives.

We took time to identify and acknowledge how we have been and are Ambassadors of Light, how we are already demonstrating Living Love in our lives through simply sharing who we are–the light, the joy, the loving, the humor, the caring for and touching to others.

We listened to J-R speak to us about how we each carry compassion for our humanness and the humanness of everyone, how just being ourselves is allowing our Light to shine and touch others. How just doing our lives with the intention to demonstrate Living Love attracts those who want that connection to Spirit, to God, to the Traveler, to be lifted, served and many times want to know more about the teachings.

We practiced spontaneously letting love lead us to share our Light, the Living Love with those in our group that we didn’t know that well.

Vincent also shared some updates, starting with a reminder of the key directives J-R gave the presidency, which are relevant to all of us:

  • The only business of MSIA is Soul Transcendence: to transcend into the heart of God
  • Your work here is to love and serve your neighbor as yourself
  • Your mission is to make the teachings of the Traveler available to those who are looking for them

MSIA’s reason for being as an organization is to provide the vehicle to share these teachings and to support people who choose to study Soul Transcendence. One of your primary role as MSIA and PTS representatives is to provide a personal and connection support for students in your area as well as welcoming new people who are checking out the teachings. We’ve found over the years that this personal contact is the primary way new people connect with the Traveler, and of course, J-R also reminded us of the importance of loving and serving one another.

At the local level, Soul Awareness seminars (which you may know under the name of Home Seminars) are often the foundation through which communities create bonds and fellowship. Debbie Roth, who works at the MSIA office in Los Angeles, is our seminar coordinator and can assist you with starting seminars in your community if you don’t already have one or more happening regularly. Debbie also holds seminars on the internet that anyone can attend.

Recently Debbie Roth and Skyler Patton, our HeartFelt/Heartreach program director, have started visiting communities to find out more about what is going on in your respective areas and how we can support you in living and sharing the teachings in your community. Contact Debbie or Skyler at the MSIA office if you are interested in having them visit your community.

We also want to draw your attention to the new print version of the NDH as another way you can introduce new people to MSIA, giving them a taste of what we have to offer; it’s a great piece to give to someone along with the introductory MSIA brochure. The print NDH does not replace the NDH blog we publish every other week, and nothing will be appear in the print NDH that is not also available on the NDH blog. We will send you a correspondence to find if you want to receive the print version of the NDH.

Then the Traveler, John Morton, spoke to us on moving into the willingness to just be who we are and let our Light shine.

After the formal part of the meeting all were invited to join Debbie Roth (Soul Awareness Seminar/Rep Support), David Whitaker (Communications), Skyler Patton (HeartFelt/Heartreach) and me to share next steps for themselves as the Light Ambassadors in their communities. We broke into circles and each person had the opportunity to share what their focus was for their community and ask the group, as a collective resource, any questions or issues they had. Each person also had the opportunity to say what was working, or not, in their communities.

Debbie, Skyler and I have been following up and responding to the questions that were brought forward in our circles or from the group at large.

If you would also like to send me what steps you see/have for yourself, your community during this next year, I/our team would love to get these, as well as any other thoughts/concerns/requests.

We are so deeply grateful to you for all that you bring–your devotion to the Traveler, to serving, to demonstrating the Living Love you are in your own perfect ways. Thank you for walking with us, even ahead of us sometimes to lead us at those times we may not have the eyes to see or the ears to hear, so please don’t hesitate to call on us and stay in touch.

God bless you. We love you.

with Love, Hugs, and Light,
Angel and the Traveler team

P.S. Here’s the recording of the meeting, in case you want to watch it:

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I am so grateful for the loving structure John-Roger and MSIA have created where we can spend time together opening our hearts, recognizing our divinity and speaking a language of loving. It is so important to our well-being individually and as souls on this planet.