Cooperating With What Is


This article by John-Roger was first published in the Rod & Staff, 1988. One of the greatest keys that anyone could give you to create your own happiness and well-being would be the key of unconditional cooperation. That means cooperating with everything that’s going on.  If people express themselves in an illiterate way that you don’t appreciate, keep in mind that
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Do You View Passing from this World as Joyful?


It was Monday April 18, week two of the new pilot class, “Joyful Transitions, Our Soul’s Journey through Death and Beyond,” and the night that Beloved Traveler John Morton, in his generosity of Spirit, agreed to take sharing at the eight week class. The sharing was expanded to a worldwide audience of Discourse subscribers–seventy in person and about eighty online. As
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Healing Through Music


I recently took an IHOP class where sound therapist Alexandre Tannous shared his way of healing through music. He used a variety of brass bowls and a giant Gong as a modes to heal in this way. As I sat and listened I became aware of the way I have healed myself through sound.

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Keystones To Spiritual Growth

JR-Stone wall_0002

This article by John-Roger was first published in the Movement Newspaper, May 1985. The term spirituality has been referred to as growth, progression, samadhi, ecstasy, and much more. However, the spiritual path usually begins when you touch into a sense of dissatisfaction. Although, you may be experiencing the dissatisfaction, it is often unclear as to why you’re dissatisfied. Perhaps
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Your Relationship With You


This article by John-Roger was first published in Rod & Staff Summer 1987 issue Vol V. All relationships are ultimately your relationship with yourself and are often reflected by someone else. How well (or poorly) you get along with yourself will be directly mirrored by how you get along with others. Of course, if you are not doing well with yourself, you may not recognize this and may do
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