Jutta Knobloch – 90 and Going Strong


Jutta Lange Knobloch was born in Germany on the December 9th, 1925. This year she reached the amazing age of ninety. It is not the number of years that is amazing as much as it is the state of health that she has maintained in her ninety years (and she does have a secret or two that she shared with me, which I will disclose later). It is also her stamina, spirit and zest for life and J-R, and
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MSIA Services – A Witness to the Blessings & Miracles

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I have had the honor and privilege to facilitate MSIA services for over thirty years. As a services facilitator or “balancer” I went through a thorough and multi-dimensional or faceted training, and honestly, my training still continues as there is always more to learn.

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Doing Light Services

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I am one of these slow, steady and persistent light workers and initiates, a learner in holding the light, studying, observing and participating in the MSIA mystery school. MSIA light services have been one of these areas of learning for me. I have probably needed these aura balances, polarity balances and innerphasings to trust in God, to let go of my doubts and insecurities and to remember
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The Best is Yet to Come: New Year’s Resolution Spa Morning with John Morton


For many in MSIA, there is no better place and time to welcome in the New Year than at Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens on the first Saturday of January. Last weekend’s annual New Year’s Resolution Spa Morning on January 2 was no exception.

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