Spiritual Freedom


This article by John-Roger was first published in The Movement Newspaper, May 1986. While on the physical level, one thing you may want to pay attention to is the sense of freedom that you experience within yourself. Part of this is allowing people in your life to be free within you. If, for example, you have anger against your mother, or your father, a child, or a boss, then you hold anger in
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So Many Things To Be Grateful For


This has been an amazing year and we couldn’t have done it without you. Here is a list of 10 things we are grateful for. This Thanksgiving we will be celebrating you in our hearts.

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A New MSIA.org | Early 2016

New MSIA.org - coming early 2016

In October 2014, MSIA started the process of finding a partner to create and execute a comprehensive web and mobile strategy for MSIA.org.

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What Can One Person Do?

1985 JR in China_640

This article by John-Roger was first published in The Movement Newspaper, January 1984. We are becoming part of a global shift in which each individual is the model for a positive, caring, productive, cooperative and loving member of the human family. Because of this, there is no alternative to personal integrity.  You count, I count – we all count.

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A Worldwide MSIA Home Seminar with John Morton


What a precious way to participate in an MSIA Home Seminar — Live and Online with our Traveler John Morton and MSIA Ambassador Leigh Taylor-Young Morton serving as our Seminar Co-Leaders, and with John’s precious son, Zane, in wonderful support! While Home Seminars are often held in someone’s home with an intimate gathering of participants, this evening’s Home Seminar reached
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