The Difference Between Passive & Active Meditation | 10 Lessons


Meditation has been used for many purposes – from calming and healing physical, emotional, and mental stress to experiencing higher levels of consciousness and achieving self-realization. Many people think that to meditate, you must make your mind stop thinking, your emotions stop feeling, and your body still, that you must go blank. And you may have noticed that that’s a little difficult.
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Awakening to the Ever-Rising Christ: Easter Eve Seminar with John Morton


With heartfelt joy, Leigh Taylor-Young Morton, long-time MSIA Minister welcomed us all to the Easter Eve Seminar. Leigh extended her loving to all of us watching from around the world, including at least ten different countries and many cities throughout the United States. Leigh welcomed everyone attending in Santa Monica, and she noted how many of those present had just completed the
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Walking in the Light is a Prayer that I Practice Every Day


John Morton began the Walking in the Light workshop this year with a brilliant question. He said: “How many of you are here for the first time?” A number of people raised their hands. John was one of them. When he did this, there was a pause in the room and then some laughter once we all got the point he was demonstrating. We were all at this workshop for the first time, if we chose, with
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World City Center Kids Visit Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens


Tuesday, March 31, together with their teachers and director, Rebecca Bernard, a delightful group of five to nine-year-olds walked to Prana from World City Center, housed in another historic building about four blocks away on Adams. Their purpose was to learn about the different styles of architecture in the neighborhood and to experience peace.
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