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Remember there is an innocence, openness, and trust in children that manifests as freedom. If you are going to do something in your home that you don't want the neighbors and everybody else in the world to know about, don't do it in front of your children. They probably don't know a restrictive consciousness, and they'll tell everybody just about everything.

Anything you want others to know or don't care if they know, you can do in front of your child.

A child communicates its love by information, by talking about the things that are close to it. And one of the things closest to a child is the father and mother and the things they do.

So they'll tell the neighbors all about you. You'd better live in the way you want it reported to the world. Live what you want the kids to tell the neighbors, and you'll be in good territory.

- John-Roger, D.S.S.
(From: The Spiritual Family, p. 78-79)

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Loving Each Day is a daily inspirational quote by John-Roger, DSS, the founder of MSIA or John Morton, the spiritual director of MSIA.