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The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. It's knowing the process of your being and how you process life, and how things are processed inside of you, and then working those in such a way that they become functional and usable to you, either by working with them or getting out of them. I would not suggest to anybody to put up with something, because putting up with it is, in a sense, condoning its existence, its behavior, and its actions in and around you.

Something may be causing a level of disturbance inside of you and even though your mind says, "Oh that's all right," the uptight stomach says, "No it is not". If you accept it in the mind and ignore the stomach, you're disowning the signals of your life. You're disowning something inside of you that says, "I have a signal for you about something that is out of line."

It may be saying, "Your house is burning down and you don't want to hear this signal". All the while you're saying, "Well I wish I would have heard the signal, I'd have gotten up and saved the house."

- John-Roger, D.S.S.
(From: "How Do You Open the Spiritual Heart" on the New Day Herald website:

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Loving Each Day is a daily inspirational quote by John-Roger, DSS, the founder of MSIA or John Morton, the spiritual director of MSIA.