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When are you going to die? Are you as strong as you want to be spiritually? Then why don't you keep doing spiritual exercises (s.e.'s)? People respond that they don't know if the s.e.'s are strengthening them. Then along comes some problem. Kaboom! And you fall down and cry and moan and say, "God doesn't love me. Nobody loves me. I'm all alone in this world. How am I going to get through this?"

Then you go inside where you've been doing spiritual exercises and you grab hold of the strength and you think, "Wow! This isn't as bad as I was dramatizing it to be. I'm doing pretty well here. I wonder how I'm doing pretty well?"

It's because you were strengthening yourself, and you didn't know how strong you were. Along came the test and now you're being shown how strong you are. It's really wonderful. Instead of crying about the event, pat yourself on the back and claim the event.

- John-Roger, D.S.S.
(From: "How Do You Open the Spiritual Heart" on the New Day Herald website:

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Loving Each Day is a daily inspirational quote by John-Roger, DSS, the founder of MSIA or John Morton, the spiritual director of MSIA.