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Peace Awareness Training Online

The PAT Trainings were created under the supervision of John-Roger to provide a retreat where people can break through whatever blocks their conscious awareness of Spirit.

Labyrinth Event Via Zoom : Finding Peace in Uncertain Times

Throughout the ages there have been powerful upheavals in human history, often resulting in great uncertainty. Today is no different. Yet once the turmoil has passed, history demonstrates that things have ultimately gotten better and better.


Spiritual Warrior via Zoom

Do you consider yourself a Spiritual Warrior? If not, why not? Here is an opportunity to move past your own self-judgments/self-limitations and explore the spiritual qualities inherent within you as you gain greater experience of the strength that is part of who you are.

In The Now Seminar with John Morton

Spirit, loving and peace are present and available to us in every moment. But in the face of challenges—whether physical, emotional or mental—how do we get to the oasis of peace and clarity of the “now”?

The Harmonic Self, Live Streamed | Month 11

The Harmonic Self: I’ll Be the Flute, You Be the Wind We Are Sound… We are sound. We are vibration. And when we are in harmony we are music - […]