Soul Awareness Discourses

All that you want to be, you already are. All you have to do is move your awareness there and recognize the reality of your own Soul.

John-Roger, DSS

A Course in Soul Transcendence

Soul Awareness Discourses are a course in Soul Transcendence in which you’ll be working on many levels of consciousness simultaneously — this work may include the physical, emotional, mental, unconscious, and spiritual levels.

For people who want a consistent, deeper approach to their own spiritual unfoldment, Soul Awareness Discourses offer practical keys to effectively manage relationships, finances, emotions, health, spirituality and more.


A New Topic Every Month

Spiritual in essence, Discourses are not in conflict with any religious beliefs. Simply put, Discourses are about eternal truths and the wisdom of the heart.

The first year of Discourses includes topics such as: Sending the Light, Acceptance, The Law of Cause and Effect, Responsibility, Working Your Ten Percent, Overcoming Discouragement, etc.

We have accrued so much karmic stuff that it's hard to get through it, and the Discourses help you do that. Some karmas are like cement or granite. The Discourses are like a sledgehammer that can help the granite (karma) lift out.

John-Roger, DSS