Events Calendar

Ministers Meeting

Peace Awareness Labyrinth 3500 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, United States

Ministers meetings at Prana are a wonderful and joy-filled experience, not only the pleasure of hearing and feeling the chanting and connecting with friends but also having the opportunity to walk the labyrinth and explore the luxuriant Spring-infused gardens.


Transcendent Self —The Spiritual Sky

CA, United States

The Yoga of the Sound Current takes us on a deep dive into who we are as a spiritual being as we connect with the inner sound that pervades all of existence.

Tai Chi: Stillness in Movement

I have been studying the ancient art of tai chi, more correctly called taijichuan, for over 50 years. In this 8-week self-paced class I will be distilling what I have learned in that time that can benefit our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. You will leave the class with a short movement practice that will last the rest of your life.

Soul Awareness Seminar via Zoom | The Key is Commitment

CA, United States

Moving into the heart of the message, J-R touches on the many areas of life in which making a commitment can move towards a spirit-filled life of joy. We can commit into the world and in some areas, we must do that. J-R reminds us, however, that the everlasting commitment needs to be to our Soul. God Bless You!

HeartReach Death Café

CA, United States

We will be hosting monthly Death Cafés in order to have an opportunity to again discuss any aspects of death and dying in a safe space as we have done before.

HeartFelt Healing Prayers

CA, United States

We would like to welcome you to join us in a new service opportunity (giving and receiving) through HeartFelt. Once a month, we will be offering Healing Prayers for all who would like to receive and participate.