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Soul Transcendence Seminar

John-Roger told us that he could only present wisdom as high as the lowest level of consciousness present could handle.


Manifesting the Traveler’s Joy

It’s been said that joy is the most infallible sign of the presence of God (which explains a lot about our Travelers).


Transcendent Self —The Spiritual Sky


The Yoga of the Sound Current takes us on a deep dive into who we are as a spiritual being as we connect with the inner sound that pervades all of existence.

In The Now Seminar with John Morton

Spirit, loving and peace are present and available to us in every moment. But in the face of challenges—whether physical, emotional or mental—how do we get to the oasis of peace and clarity of the “now”?

Listening to the Sound Current – Introductory Class


"The Sound Current is the true self. When you are in the Sound Current, you may feel a vibration, a rhythm, a hum, a tone. If you are with the Beloved, you don’t need anything else because you’re riding right in the center of the Sound Current, and like the center of the storm, it is quiet and calm. What we do in s.e.’s is to work towards the center, towards the Sound, the true self, the Beloved." - Fulfilling Your Spiritual Promise

Building the Strength of Spirit Within Workshop

It’s one thing to know that you are a Soul and as one with God, it’s another to have ways of experiencing that. This workshop provides practical techniques you can use to make this awareness more of a living reality in your daily life.


Listening to the Sound Current

Through spiritual exercises, group sharing, guided meditations, and excerpts from the traveler, students in this PTS class explore the intimate ways that they experience the Sound Current in their lives.