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Transcendent Self —The Spiritual Sky


The Yoga of the Sound Current takes us on a deep dive into who we are as a spiritual being as we connect with the inner sound that pervades all of existence.

Spontaneous Self: Life as Improv (Week 4)

Humor, improvisation, spontaneity, laughter, comedy. We will cover it all. However, improvisation is not only about comedy or being funny, nor is it simply an approach to acting. While those are two specific types of improvisation, improv is what we do when our minds are free of constraints and we are present. In other words, when we are truly being ourselves. It's a joyful and creative way of life.

HeartReach Death Café


We will be hosting monthly Death Cafés in order to have an opportunity to again discuss any aspects of death and dying in a safe space as we have done before.

Soul Awareness Seminar via Zoom | 12 Keys for a Harmonious Relationship


John-Roger goes over 12 negative states of being in a relationship, being with ourselves, significant others, or strangers. With each one usually described in action verbs, J-R also describes what the opposite, positive state can look like, along with plenty of examples in between.


Would you like to experience being showered with blessings? That’s what happens non-stop for hours in the BlessingsFest.