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Spiritual Exercises via Zoom

There are great and powerful resources, available to all of us, that are just waiting to be tapped. Practicing spiritual exercises (s.e.’s), an active form of meditation, is one approach to accessing these resources and awakening ourselves more fully into Soul Consciousness.


The Harmonic Self, Live Streamed | Month 12

The Harmonic Self: I’ll Be the Flute, You Be the Wind We Are Sound… We are sound. We are vibration. And when we are in harmony we are music - […]

Innerphasing for the Highest Good Broadcast

Experience greater alignment on all levels of consciousness and with the highest good through this powerful innerphasing read by John Morton, the spiritual director of MSIA. Let go of limiting patterns and blocks and experience the potential of the highest good in your life.


Travelers Through the Ages via Zoom

Many fascinating people throughout time have embodied the Traveler Consciousness and this class shines the Light on a number of them.


The Christ Within Seminar with John Morton

The Christ Within seminar offers an opportunity to step beyond beliefs, theories or ideas and experience your own divine nature and oneness with God.