How to Volunteer:


John-Roger said,

        “And the people a thousand years from now are going to say ‘I wish I were back there at that time, helping’.  We are the Bible for the people a thousand, two thousand years from now. That’s why we’re taping everything and getting things down so that people won’t corrupt a clear teaching.”


Lucky you! Because you are here now, would you like to help us preserve the treasures of John Roger’s teachings? If you are inspired to assist with the archival process, you can do it from anywhere in the world. You can check and correct existing transcripts of J-R seminars with the original recording; you can also assist with research and placement of J-R’s content on different platforms to make it available to wider audiences for years to come, and more.

For more information and opportunities to serve, contact Marina Van Wormer at or call +1-323-328-1939