The teachings are inside. And as people work them and own them and validate them for themselves, they don’t give a darn if I’m here or I’m not because they know what works. That’s why these teachings have been written down in discourses and recorded on tapes, so that when I go physically, the community will hold the teachings intact, and they’ll be a tremendous light to the world.

— John-Roger, DSS
From the book Walking With the Lord


Many years ago, John-Roger told us that the mission of MSIA, as an organization, is “to make the teachings available to those who are looking for them.” We consider this clear direction the most important aspect of our stewardship of MSIA. So, in looking ahead to the coming decades, we have asked ourselves how best we can accomplish this objective. The result is the creation of the John-Roger Legacy Fund.

John-Roger’s legacy is enormous. His output has been prodigious in the 40+ years he has been giving seminars, workshops, writing books, etc. We are still catching up with what he has shared with us! For example, NOW Productions continues to archive (barcode, label, and enter into the database) over 32,000 master recordings. As a result, they continue to discover previously unreleased J-R seminars for public release. They are currently working to digitize over 2,500 edited titles.

The John-Roger Library & Archives, is in the process of preserving over 7,600 items of J-R’s teachings, including Discourses, articles, books, transcripts, and other writings, and has a paper library of approximately 850,000 pages of typewritten transcripts that are being reviewed, scanned, and retyped to make them accessible.

We have established the John-Roger Legacy Fund within MSIA to ensure that these teachings of the Mystical Traveler are available for many years to those who are looking for them. The Fund’s prime objective is to honor these wisdoms, by continuing to maintain the archives of his spiritual work and to share it with the world. The Fund also exists to support MSIA, as necessary, as a conduit to maintain the availability of the Traveler’s teachings and to preserve John-Roger’s wonderful legacy.

The donations to the Fund will be invested so that they may grow. A portion of the Fund will be used annually to support its prime objective of making the teachings available to future generations. While it is designed to grow and produce income, the MSIA Board of Directors will direct distributions of the Fund as needed — potentially including its principal. This gives the Fund flexibility in a time of financial need.

If you would like to contribute, gifts to the John-Roger Legacy Fund can be made in a variety of ways.

John-Roger’s work is supported and thrives through your giving. We are grateful for all contributions, small or large, that you choose to donate, as they ensure that the teachings of the Traveler continue on and be that “tremendous light to the world” that J-R envisioned.

In love and Light,

MSIA Presidency
Paul Kaye, Vincent Dupont, Mark Lurie


John-Roger Legacy Fund
This fund was established to ensure that the teachings of the Mystical Traveler are available for future generations who are looking for a deeper connection with the divine. By maintaining the archives of his spiritual work, its prime objective is to both preserve and share the spiritual wisdoms of John-Roger which were given in 6,000 seminars, 60 books, and 144 discourses, over a period of nearly 50 years.

In addition to preserving John-Roger’s profound legacy, the Fund also exists to support MSIA, as necessary, in maintaining the quality and availability of the Traveler’s teachings. Donations to the fund are invested for growth and the fund’s appreciation is used to assure that the teachings of John-Roger reach those who are looking for them and be the “tremendous light to the world” that J-R envisioned.