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When Are You Coming Home?

When Are You Coming Home?


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The spiritual journey is an adventure as exciting, harrowing and fun as anything you will ever do.

How did Dr. John-Roger attain awareness of who he truly is? He approached life like a scientist in a laboratory. He tried, he tested, he blew up more than a few beakers. He found methods for integrating the sacred with the mundane, the practical and the mystical. He noted what worked and what didn't. So in his story you will find practical keys for making your life work better, and for attuning to the source of wisdom that is always with you.

Perhaps this is the greatest key John-Roger found on his journey: That everything in life brings opportunities for upliftment and growth. So who teaches the spiritual teacher? Everyone and everything. And from John-Roger's life you can discover how to make every day propel you further on your own exciting adventure HOME.

Includes a guided meditation by John-Roger on CD "Inner Journey Through Spirit Realms," not available through any other offer.

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