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You Are the Blessings e-Book in PDF

You Are the Blessings  e-Book in PDF


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"This book is a blessing. One reads it to enter into the soul's high purpose and comes away ignited with the blessing of spiritual communion, a gifting of grace, a deep knowing of one's true relation to God. John Morton offers us the genius of one who has dwelt in the spiritual fires, honed his heart into the utter simplicity of one who receives the Spirit as a natural moment by moment gift. That is why this precious book is so important in a time which the well being of all requires that the treasures of Heaven must be brought to Earth." - Dr. Jean Houston, Best-Selling Author and Researcher

A Reference Book for Life

This book can assist you in a number of ways.

You can read it from start to finish as you may find clarification, direction or inspiration at any point.

You might be grappling with a challenge in a certain area of your life, turn to a related section in the book, and gain value.

Or you could simply open to any page and see what message it may hold for you.

However you use this book, the real key is just that: to use it. Check it out and see if it helps you discover just how life is filled with blessings and, in fact, you are the blessings.

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