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This event is part of a series of events for DSS Year 2 Recorded Format

Doctorate in Spiritual Science Program (DSS) Year 2 Recorded Format – Month 2

November 3, 2022
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM PDT
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2022-11-03 07:00
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This event is open to Discourse Subscribers, Ministers

Theme of the Year: The Multidimensional Human Part II

Through the Doctor of Spiritual Science (DSS) Program, students move to new levels of personal freedom, expansiveness, and awareness of Spirit and the traveler’s presence as an experiential reality. The DSS provides a supportive format for the consistent and committed practice of the Traveler’s teachings such that the teachings come alive. This program truly provides the experience of a modern-day “mystery school”. Length: A Nine-Month Program

During Year Two, students focus on expanding their awareness and experience of themselves as divine beings. They refine their attention, intentions, purposes, and goals, and explore deeper levels of commitment to their spiritual awakening. The Practical Treatise area also is further explored and refined.

“What’s the main reason for the DSS class? It could be answered two ways: the negative way is, what stops you from seeing God? The other ways is, what helps you to get to God? If you find out what’s stopping you, that doesn’t mean you cracked it, but you are getting to God, that means you’re already on course-correction, and you are just on a timeline of fulfillment. And each person may have a slightly different variation.” John-Roger, DSS

Tuition & Registration

Registration required: Registration Contact: Gaby Grigorescu, GabyG@pts.org  l 323-328-1948

First Time Student Regular Tuition: $150.00

Admin Fee Non-Refundable: $25.00 (this fee applies to everybody who registers)

Pre-requisites: Current subscription to MSIA Soul Awareness Discourses or SATs (if Discourse #144 completed), Current subscription to MSIA Soul Awareness Teachings (SATs), Active MSIA Initiate, MSIA Minister in good standing, Successful completion and Graduate of the PTS Master of Spiritual Science (MSS) Program, Commitment to Tithing 10% to MSIA Los Angeles throughout the DSS Program, up to and including Graduation.

Renew your Discourse or SAT subscription or email order@msia.org

Class Dates & Timing

Dates: This is a recording class. Available first Thursday of the month. Refer to the yellow exclamation mark at the top of this page for all class dates.

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