John-Roger's Challenge of the Week

Every week we feature a challenge to encourage your spiritual practice & growth.

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It is time to stop living other people's opinions. And don't insist that other people live your opinion. That's a challenge - let them do it any way they want to.

This week, on whatever level you find yourself, work the level you are on. That means if you are out there and you are emotionally out of balance, get yourself back so you are in balance. If you get out there talking about something that you don't know what you are talking about, get back out of there.

If you physically have taken on some responsibilities that you are not able to follow through with, tell them, "I can't do this for you, I want to get back to where I can do what I said I can do." And get back there.

Lead your life the way you find it. If you find yourself sitting in a wheelchair right now, lead your life right there, right now, live it 100% right now. You don't have to live anywhere but right here, right now.

If there is something that you find is not working for you - then you work it for you - if you don't work it 100%, work it 1% - next time work it 2%, and you keep working it.

-John-Roger, DSS