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HeartFelt Healing Prayers

June 3, 2023
9:00 AM - 9:45 AM PDT
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2023-06-03 16:00
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We would like to welcome you to join us in a new service opportunity (giving and receiving) through HeartFelt. Once a month, we will be offering Healing Prayers for all who would like to receive and participate.

This service will be done worldwide via Zoom. Recipients of the prayer are open to the general public, so please feel free to invite your friends! Those giving the prayer will be MSIA ministers.

This will be done in a similar vein to prayer communion: the minister has a clear intention, standing aside and allowing the healing and loving energy of Christ, Traveler, and Holy Spirit to come through. They will direct the energy to the participants in the Zoom room using intuition, creativity, divine imagination, hand movement, intention, etc. Remember, a willingness to do gives the ability to do.

We will begin by calling in the Light, chanting the Ani-Hu and then move on to the healing prayer. After 5 minutes, we encourage those who were giving to now receive, and those MSIA ministers who were receiving to now give, all if they so choose. All people will wash their hands and drink water to clear as they complete, and then to close, we will play a J-R healing meditation.

These events will be hosted by ministers Richard Mitz, Skyler Patton, and Veronica Zarate (Spanish translation).

Zoom Meeting Information:

Time: 9:00 – 9:45 AM PT.
Cost: Free
Zoom Link: Click Below to join the meeting
Passcode: prayer

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This Event is Online Only


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