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Joy and Laughter – The Gifts & Blessing of Spirit (Two-Day Conference Workshop)

June 24, 2022 - June 25, 2022
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Peace Awareness Labyrinth
3500 W Adams Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90018 United States
This event is Open to All

Some known benefits of being joyful, having fun and laughing: We experience life as more of an adventure. Our bodies release happy hormones (serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin). Our tense muscles relax and become more flexible. We become more productive at work. Our relationships get better. Our blood pressure drops. Our attitudes improve. We have less pain. We become healthier. Vitality increases.

J-R says: The soul resides in a happy state, a happy, detached state. You can mock up this thing that you could call a portable paradise and then you start moving with it. Join us for MSIA’s 2022 Conference Workshop: Joy and Laughter – The Gifts & Blessing of Spirit and find out what the benefits of joy and laughter are for you. Take a couple days to play in this portable paradise. We have so many treats for you: funny stories, J-R and John at their silliest, sweetest, and greatest, jokes, and some fleeting moments to figure out how to use laughter to release negativity, revitalize yourself, experience the joy of Spirit and your very own soul.

Recharge yourself with fun and lots of laughter and discover more of how you can reach into that portable paradise by your own volition and find your spirit and soul. Come be with us in the Traveler’s home (at Prana) or join us online in the comfort of your own home.

John Morton is scheduled to participate.

With Spanish Translation.

Date and Time of the Workshop:
Friday, June 24, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM PT
Saturday, June 25, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM PT

Participate In-Person

Tuition In-Person: $225.00 (includes lunch, snacks and coffee/tea breaks)
Dinner at Prana: $12.00—If you would like to have dinner at Prana, please buy your tickets in advance (one meal per ticket).
Location: Prana (Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens)​
Contact: Registration Team at registrar@msia.org

Participate Online

Tuition Online: $175.00
Questions or Technical Support? Email msialive1@gmail.com

The amount of happiness and joy that you experience in this life is up to you.
You can choose depression and negative expression, or you can choose uplifting situations that will allow you to create happiness and joy for yourself.
Do those things that are necessary for you to have joy
John-Roger, DSS

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Peace Awareness Labyrinth
3500 W Adams Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90018 United States


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    Peace Theological Seminary & College of Philosophy – PTS

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