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Master of Spiritual Science Year 1 Self-Paced

September 7, 2023
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The Master of Spiritual Science with a focus on Soul Transcendence is a transformative two-year program designed as a nine-month intensive course, that gradually builds and integrates the teachings of Soul Transcendence. This course is
facilitated as an experiential process, allowing like-minded Souls to walk in the same direction together.

Access and Progression:
Each month, you will have access to the MSS Year 1 recordings for that specific month only. Once the month is complete, and provided you complete all the recordings and the associated homework, you’ll gain access to the next month’s materials. This sequential order (months 1 – 9) is designed for each class to build upon the next.

Additional Support and Interaction:
In addition to the class recordings, you will have the opportunity to participate in a monthly meeting with other class members. Traveler Sharing will be available, health and schedule permitting. Additionally, a reader will be assigned to support you with your homework and accompany you on your spiritual journey.

Homework and Practice:
Between classes, homework assignments offer ample opportunities to practice and integrate the tools and keys you learn. This structured approach helps you develop a solid spiritual practice and deepen your connection with God.

Year One | Creating Through Grace Course Description:
During Year One, titled “Creating Through Grace,” students gain greater awareness of how they live their lives physically, emotionally, and mentally. They learn how to align these levels with their spiritual intention, increasing their singleness of purpose. This alignment allows them to experience God as a partner, extending grace to them in profound ways.

The course’s purpose is to provide an ongoing, in-depth program to study, experience, and integrate the teachings of Soul Transcendence.

It encourages students to:

Gain a greater awareness of yourself as a divine being.
Rededicate yourself to Spirit in all aspects of your life.
Apply the Traveler’s teachings as a conscious, daily commitment.
Create life experiences that align with your Soul’s purpose on this planet.
Enhance your awareness of God as your partner.

Dates: This is a recording class. Available first Thursday of the month.
Course duration: 9 months
Tuition: $150 (monthly)
Admin Fee Non-Refundable: $50
Prerequisites: Current subscription to MSIA Soul Awareness Discourses or SATs (if Discourse #144 completed) | Current subscription to MSIA Soul Awareness Teachings (SATs) while in the MSS Program. Official acceptance by the PTS administration.

This class will be conducted in English only.

Enroll now at Click here if you have an account at pts.org for the Master of Spiritual Science Year 1 self-paced program.

Enroll now at Click here if you don’t have an account at pts.org for the Master of Spiritual Science Year 1 self-paced program.

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