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Metaphorical Self: Shifting the Dimensions of Being

August 8, 2022
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM PDT
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2022-08-09 00:00
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The word “metaphor” in its original Greek form means to transfer. In this class we will use metaphor to transfer or shift our dimension of being to create a healthier context or perception. From this, new insights and understanding can emerge, restoring us to state of harmony and flow.

Through metaphor we can effortlessly reframe our circumstances. This gives us the ability to shift from any area where we may feel contracted, transforming it into an expansive state. We move from tension to relaxation. From resistance to openness. From stuckness to flow.

By skillful use of metaphor, we become poets, artists. We weave golden threads into the tapestry of our lives upon which the magic, mystery, and magnificence of who we truly are, comes alive.

Metaphor gives us a new way to look at life. A way to see beauty in everything. It becomes a bridge between the spiritual world and the material world, where we discover that we can navigate our way through the world with wonder and calm.

The class will provide participants with practical, workable, and effective metaphors that can be used to alleviate challenging situations or help to elevate ordinary day-to-day life. If you feel stuck, discouraged, or just want to enliven your life and ride out this mad world with joy, this class might be just for you.

All classes are recorded and can be accessed live, or viewed later at your own pace for at least a year after you register.

Facilitated by Paul Kaye.

An 8- Week Class, Mondays, starting July 11 through August 29. 5 – 7 Pacific Time.

Registration Contact: Stella Estevez/Stellaestevez@msia.org

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Chapter One: The Chaos

Chapter Two: The Ownership

Chapter Three: The Rhythm

Chapter Four: The Dance

Chapter Five: The Power

Chapter Six: The Effortlessness

Chapter Seven: The Nothingness

Chapter Eight: The Music

You are the first cause, and you are the first effect.
You are the last cause and the last effect.
So, inside of you is the only place that change can be made.

You can indulge the illusion of changing things in the world,
but unless you change them in yourself,
no true change has taken place.

John-Roger, DSS

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