THAT WHICH IS - Frequently Asked Questions

Why Subscribe to That Which Is?

Where can I watch That Which Is content?

You you can enjoy That Which Is content on any up-to-date browser on your computer or on your smart phone or tablet.
Our website does not support outdated browsers like Internet Explorer.  You need to be using a current version of either Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

That Which Is is also available through the MSIA app ( for both iOS and Android). With the app you’ll be able to fit MSIA’s growing streaming service right in your pocket and take John and J-R with you wherever you go.

How much does That Which Is cost?

You can enjoy the content offered through That Which is on your computer, tablet or smart device for one low price:

  • -For your own personal use: Sign up That Which Is Premium for a fixed monthly fee of $9.99/month.
  • -For use in a Seminar Leader Capacity: Sign up for a That Which Is Premium Seminar Leader Subscription for $14.99/month.

How do I cancel my That Which Is subscription?

You can easily cancel your subscription to That Which Is any time. There are no cancellation fees – start or stop anytime. Go to My Account, select Manage Plan from the drop down menu, and go to Subscriptions. Click on Cancel.

How can I change the credit card I pay my TWI subscription with?

You can change your credit card by:
-Hovering over your name and click Manage Plan
-Next to Actions, click cancel. When prompted, click the purple ‘Confirm’ button.
-Then in the same Manage Plan section, next to ‘Actions’, click Renew.  Enter the new credit card you wish to start paying with going forward, then click the purple ‘Renew Subscription’ button.
Effectively, you are cancelling the service and then restarting it with a new credit card. Even though your new card will be charged immediately, the system takes into account how much time you had left in your subscription  and adjusts your next payment date accordingly to ensure you’re not being overcharged.

For example: Say your next payment date is on 9/15, but you decide to follow the steps outlined above on 9/1. When you complete this process, the next payment date will be pushed to 10/15 because the system is taking into account the additional payment you made with the new credit card on 9/1.

(***Note that taking the steps above triggers automated emails notifying you of your cancellation and renewal.***)

If you are having difficulty or have additional questions,  email or call (323) 373 4055 and ask to speak to someone in the Products & Services Dept.

How can I save my favorite selections in That Which Is?

If you are logged in, you can save your favorites to ‘My List’ or you can create your own custom playlists. You can even change the order in which they play and that order will update in real time on both the web version and the app.


-Every selection you open has the option ‘Add to Playlist’ under the title, above the description. Click it, and you can select what playlist you want to add it to, or you can select ‘NEW PLAYLIST’ and enter a new name. Click ‘Add Selection.’

-To change the order of your playlists, find your playlists by going to ‘My Lists’, then selecting the desired playlist from the pulldown. Once in the list, click the orange edit icon, click and drag your selections to their desired spot, then click the orange save icon.


-Add a selection to your list after opening it by tapping on the + sign at the top right-hand corner of your screen.  Tap an existing playlists or tap  ‘Create New Playlist’ and type in a name.

-To change the order of your selection, find your list by tapping ‘Menu’, then tapping ‘My Lists’, then tapping on the desired list. Once in it, simply tap and hold the video you wish to move, then drag it up or down to change it’s place on the list. The new custom order will save automatically.

Note: the reordering feature currently only works properly for newly-created custom  playlists and the offline playlist, but not for  the default ‘My list’. We are working to resolve the issue. 


Can I download the video and audio media from That Which Is?

You cannot download any content from That Which Is in the usual sense.

That Which Is is integrated into the MSIA app. One of the features that comes with this app is the ability for you to save videos to an offline playlist, so that you can watch/listen to them later when not connected to the internet.  This feature will take up memory on your device ( so it is a download in that sense) but you won’t be able to access it out side of the app or  transfer it to another device.

How do I listen to my SAT seminars on That Which Is?

As an active SAT subscriber, you can listen to the current month’s SAT even if you are not subscribed to That Which Is Premium. Simply ensure you’re logged in with your MSIA username and password.

To listen to the current month’s sat on the…
-Website: Select This Month’s SAT from the Browse menu.
-App version: Tap Menu, tap SAT Seminars, tap This Month’s SAT.

To listen to prior SAT selections on the…
-Website: Select SAT Seminar Library from the Browse menu.
-App version: Tap Menu, tap SAT Seminars, tap SAT Seminar Library


I can't find a J-R seminar in That Which Is. Where is it?

If you searched the title, part of the title, or the product release number and got no results, then the seminar you are looking for may not be available to stream on That Which Is yet. We are continually adding more and more content.

Can I share That Which Is with others?

You can play any video and audio content from That Which Is for others if there is no gold tag next to the video title  in the description alerting that it for Personal Use, SAT Subscribers, or Minister/Initiates only. You can click here to read more information on MSIA’s usage guidelines to understand the responsibilities for sharing that content with others.

Please do not give your That Which Is account login to others. The same responsibilities apply if you do.

I am an MSIA seminar leader -- can I use That Which Is for my Soul Awareness Seminar gatherings?

YES! If you are already a subscriber to That Which Is, you need only to upgrade your subscription for just an additional $4.99 a month to be able to use all the media on the site—Premium and otherwise—to play at your seminar.

How to upgrade:

– If you already have an active subscription, or even an expired subscription, click on Manage plan. Next to Actions, click upgrade. You will be prompted to provide new billing information and will start being charged $14.99/mo going forward.

-If you are signing up for TWI for the first time, click the purple Login/Subscribe button. Prior to providing payment info, you’ you will be prompted to choose between they standard $9.99/mo TWI Premium subscription and the $14.99/mo Seminar Leader SVOD subscription.

NOTE: This is only for approved MSIA seminar leaders. The option to upgrade to the Seminar Leader Plan will only appear on your screen if there is already  a seminar leader role attached to your MSIA login credentials.

*SATs, Ministers and Initiates content are still off-limits for use at Soul Awareness Seminars and you will see a banner to remind you when you select those seminars.

Of course, Seminar leaders can continue to purchase titles from our online store in CD/DVD or downloadable MP3/MP4. However, the worldwide trend away from CDs and DVDs is getting more pronounced every year and more people are getting on board with accessing media online, either by streaming or downloading. MSIA is no exception and as of  July 2020, all new audio and video releases are only available a by downloading MP3s and MP4s from the online store or by streaming them from That Which Is. MSIA still  has plenty of seminar materials available on CDs and DVDs in our inventory but we are not planning to produce more once we run out of stock on any given title. So, this service is your best shot at having the most content available at your fingertips for future Soul Awarenss Seminars you host.

Can a That Which Is subscription be used to play videos at local Minister meetings.

Neither a That Which Is Premium nor a That Which Is Seminar Leader Premium subscription should be used for this purpose.

We ask local ministerial boards to create their own library of study materials they want to play at their ministers meeting by purchasing and downloading the MP3/MP4s from the online store and keeping them on a dedicated thumb drive. That drive would be property of that local board and get passed on to the next board when a new one gets elected.

What is an Innerphasing?

Innerphasing is a technique of aligning the many levels of your consciousness so that you can live in “one accord” within yourself. You work with the spiritual Light to create a channel of communication between you, as a conscious self, and with your basic self, so you can redirect negative or limiting habit patterns into positive ones.

The basic self is an important part of this process as it maintains the physical body and can be involved with instincts, memories, and habits, much of which it learned when you were very young. It is also the level through which you communicate with your high
self. Working with the basic self is an uplifting and creative process. It is a partnership in which you are learning to create what you
want, bringing a more positive expression into what you do.

How to Use an Innerphasing
Listen to the recording for 32 consecutive days. Any fewer will not be enough to help the basic self let go of old habits and anchor the
new ones into the many levels of your consciousness. You can listen for longer than 32 days and more than once a day. The more you listen, the more the basic self is able to integrate the new patterns you are establishing.

There are many ways of using this innerphasing. One is to find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed. Use headphones if necessary. Sit comfortably, but avoid a position in which you are likely to fall asleep. Another way is to play the inneprhasing through headphones at a barely audible level while doing other tasks. The basic self will be able to hear the information clearly, though you may not. You may also want to listen before you go to sleep at night. It is up to you to choose what works best for you.

Do not listen to the innerphasing while driving a car or operating equipment that requires your full attention.

The Keyword
During the innerphasing, you’ll be asked to use your keyword. This is made up of a color and a symbol but should not be a combination found in nature, e.g. “blue lake” or “yellow moon.” “Pink lake” and “green moon” are fine. Some of the colors you might use are red, orange, green, blue, pink, silver, gold. Some symbols you might use are sun, tree, flame, dove, rose, chair, fountain, lake, moon, diamond, swan, mountain, stairway, gate. If you already have a keyword that is still working for you, there is no need to create a new one. The keyword is an integral part of this innerphasing, and we recommend you use it often throughout the day to contact the basic self and help reinforce the new, positive habits and qualities you are developing.

The Physical Cue
The keyword in conjunction with the physical cue, assists in establishing a more direct relationship with your basic self. You will be asked to repeat it throughout the innerphasing while touching your thumb and first two fingers together  to communicate with the basic self and get its cooperation. (See diagram below) You can use either your right or your left hand. It is not necessary to hold the fingers together; a simple touching while saying the keyword inwardly is fine.

How can I contact MSIA to ask more questions about That Which Is?

If you have more questions, or are having difficulties with your existing TWI subscription, you can get in contact with us by emailing or by calling 1 (323) 737-4055 and asking to speak to someone in the Products and Services department.

Video Tutorials

Below we’ve compiled a series of short tutorials- separated by topic- to help you take full advantage of everything That Which Is has to offer. Select from the list below the topic you’d like to watch a video on. Or you can scroll to the very last one and watch the entire hour-long zoom tutorial.

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4. How to Navigate Playlists

5. How to Use the Autoplay Function

6. What do the Icons and Labels Mean?

7.How to Use the "My list" Playlist

8. How to Search

9. How to Access Materials in Multiple Languages

10. How to Find New Content

11. How to Gift a Subscription

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