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The Wayshower: A Traveler Through the Ages - Book

Just what is a Wayshower?

Let's say you were going to make a journey. There might be dangers and diversions but also some pretty wonderful delights along the way. Would you want someone to guide you who just read a map or someone who has traveled the route?

The Wayshower shows that John-Roger has indeed traveled the path to awakening. Not just this time around, but many times before. And he didn't always make the trip very successfully by some standards. Yet each excursion revealed to him more and more about the journey -- one we are all on in our own way.

John-Roger has been many things, in this life and in others. So have we. The thing is, he remembers and has learned from them.

Here you will discover that all the things John-Roger has been have prepared him for what he is today: a Wayshower.

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