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Being One Who Loves the Lord? MP3

Being One Who Loves the Lord?

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John-Roger has a very down-to-earth and practical way of looking at life, as well as an unusually practical way of looking at some of the information in the Bible.

In this seminar, which was recorded between Passover and Easter, he demonstrates both those ways of looking. While he covers a lot of territory, including revealing why we are often afraid to accept God as our partner in life, he spends a good portion of this seminar talking about how earthly families are models of the spiritual family of God. He speaks about love and how those people following the teachings of the master teacher, The Traveler, are also family.

J-R says, "In the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, as soon as we stop loving each other, this (MSIA) will disappear, because it functions upon the basic structure and foundation that God loves all of Its creation. And that's us, and isn't that nice?!"

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God Bless You!

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