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Channels to the Divine MP3

Channels to the Divine

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In this beautiful seminar, given following a Thanksgiving dinner, John-Roger speaks of the importance of seeking within for who we are. “So we come back," he says, "to the form that we are inside of us that is truly us. It is called the Beloved. Regardless of the money we have, or the color of the skin, or how much our body seems to be old or young or any of these other outside reference points, and regardless of our race, religion, social, or political stance -- it doesn't matter! Inside resides that one we've been looking for."

"What is the divine message?" J-R continues. "Love God!" he responds. "And love your neighbor as yourself. If you can say, 'But I don't love me enough,' that means you better get to work on yourself. And what is that work? Moving to a position of love, where you can feel worthy to receive everything that's good -- and know that it's going to be there."

What!? You don't know how to do that? Try this seminar on because the "how-to" is in here.

God Bless You!

Length of MP3: 49:24


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