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Making the Commitment to Your Soul and Into God MP4

Making the Commitment to Your Soul and Into God

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This is a fascinating seminar in which John-Roger identifies a part of us that we don't know much about. Besides giving it a name, J-R makes the connection with our daily lives of feeling, thinking and doing, and then gives us a way to grab God's coattail, hang on, and love the ride.

After naming what he calls the "spiritual realities" -- our levels of physical, astral, causal, mental, etheric and soul, J-R says, "There’s one I’ve told very few people about. It’s called: 'imaginational.' The ‘imaginational realm.' He looks around at the audience and says to them -- and possibly to us -- "That’s where you’ve been playing."

J-R continues by narrowing down what this level is, where it comes from, who has it and how they (we) are using it. "This imaginational level is not functioning in everyone but it’s functioning a lot in the people who have studied metaphysical things, such as new age thought groups, pagan groups, mother earth groups. J-R says, "Jesus talked about it a long time ago. He said, 'The forces of negativity are trying to storm the Kingdom of Heaven.' And if you read very carefully, you'll see that what He was saying was, 'These people are just running their imagination.' But there was something else going on." So what does that have to do with you and me? J-R suggests, "I think that if you started watching and checking, you would start to find it. Here's how tricky it is: it will give you what you want, but you probably won’t know that it’s doing alienation and polarization. It would probably feel real good, real clean, real clear. There’s a false sense of reality. Some place inside of you, in the place of truthfulness, (and let’s call it the ‘soulic’ movement, or the impulse of the soul) you know something is wrong."

Could you be living some of your life in the imaginational realm? You can find out by measuring your life as you take in this seminar --and then by observing!

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God Bless You!

Length of DVD: 54:07


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