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God Is a Joyful Giver  MP3

God Is a Joyful Giver

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John-Roger and John Morton answer questions from the audience about abundance, tithing (it is between you and God), and how seeding works.

John-Roger reminds us, "Abundance comes from God." "God is your intention; make God your focus, and make God your abundant focus, and God's intention is in that focus and he'll know right where to find you." "When you have that innate trust and love in your heart, and you are in faith and you are in God, great is your day."

John Morton delivers a beautiful 10 minute seeding meditation. "Dear Father, dear Mother, the consciousness of God, we give thanks that you have chosen us and that you have brought us forward as your children as those who are awake in the spirit that is holy, and you have strengthened us in our resolve to be creators in your way, that it is just, that it is balanced, harmonious, and we are abundant and prosperous for this is your way. We proclaim your gifts."

"Behold what you have done with gratitude and with joy for the wonder in which this works, for the simplicity that it is already done, that what you are seeding for is yours because you are an inheritor to what is God’s kingdom and to all that has been created. Know that God is the source of your supply and your seed is in God’s hands. We remind ourselves of what has been done in the seeding and we do this as a blessing through the Light."

God Bless You!

Length of MP3: 39:01


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