THAT WHICH IS - Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the purple Subscribe/Login button in the upper right corner of the That Which Is web page or open any video with the 'TWI Premium' tag in the lower left. You will login to your existing student account and go from there. If you dont already have an account, click on the link below that says 'Signup.'

That Which Is has been launched as a web-based streaming platform -- you can watch That Which Is content through any computer browser or on your smart phone or tablet browser.

Watch can John-Roger or John Morton on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer for one fixed monthly fee of $9.99 a month.

You can easily cancel your subscription to That Which Is any time. There are no cancellation fees – start or stop your account anytime. Go to My Account, select Manage Plan from the drop down menu, and go to Subscriptions. Click on Cancel..

Every video you open has the option 'Add to My List' under the title on the left under the video itself. If you are logged in, click on this link to save your favorites. You can access your list under My Account in the drop down menu entry 'My List.' If you are not logged in when you click on 'Add to My List' you will be prompted to login first.

You cannot yet download any content on That Which Is. We are working on Android and iOS apps that should allow this. You can save any favorite seminars, meditations, etc. by clicking on "Add to My List" under the title on the left under any video.

If you are not yet a That Which Is member you can still listen to this months SAT seminar as an active SAT subscriber. Look on the right of the Browse menu for the category This Months SAT. If you are also a subscriber to That Which Is you have access to over 100 previously released SAT seminars. Find them under SAT Seminar Library on the right of the Browse menu.

If you searched on the title or part of the title or the product number (these are search tips) and got no results, then the seminar you are looking for may not be in That Which Is yet. We are constantly adding more content all the time.

You can play any video and audio content from That Which Is for others if there is no banner alerting you it is Personal Use, SAT seminars, Initiate and Minster use only. You can read the information on those banners to understand the responsibilities for sharing that content with others. Please do not give your That Which Is account login to others. The same responsibilities apply if you do.

The That Which Is streaming platform is not designed to support the Soul Awareness Seminar format. In order to keep things clear -- for you, your seminars, and all concerned -- there are essentially 2 options for playing J-R or John Morton audio and/or video recordings at your seminars:

  1. You can purchase a CD or DVD
  2. You can download an MP3 or MP4

The worldwide trend away from CDs and DVDs is getting more pronounced every year and more people are getting on board with accessing media online, either by streaming or downloading. MSIA is no exception and starting July 2020, all new audio and video releases will only be available via by downloading MP3s and MP4s from the online store or from That Which Is. MSIA still currently has plenty of seminar materials available on CDs and DVDs if you would like to buy them from our current inventory; however, we are not planning to produce more once we run out of stock on any given title.

Of course, the prevailing guidelines for the use of seminar materials still apply when dealing with MP3s and MP4s. One of the key aspects is that you maintain a separate library of any recording you play for your Soul Awareness Seminar group, and only play them in a seminar context. Some people prefer to keep their seminar MP3s and MP4s in a separate device to keep the energies clear and to ensure that they dont inadvertently mix up their seminar files with personal-use ones. Whatever approach works best for you is your choice, and as always we encourage you to take care of yourself and check things out inwardly, and outwardly if you need further clarification.

Regardless of the option(s) you choose, we remind you that we suggest you place a donation basket at your seminars. There is a dual purpose to this. One is to encourage attendees to give, thus creating an opening for them to receive. The second purpose is that you can use the donations to support your seminar, either with buying new seminars in the format of your choice or, hopefully 'post covid' purchasing food and refreshments for the group, flowers, etc. In other words, your seminar is intended to be a self-sustaining endeavor. We find that when seminar participants contribute in this way, rather than just showing up, they tend to be more engaged with the seminar and the group, thus facilitating the Spirit of loving and fellowship.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions on any of the above. We thank you for your ongoing service, and please know that we are here to support you.

-Vincent Dupont and David Whitaker (Seminar Leader coordinator)