Loving Each Day: Daily Inspirational Quotes
Cooperation has a lot to do with letting go. When we cooperate, not only do we let go of the need to be better than others, which reinforces the false self and ego, but we also let go of our resistance to change and to not getting our way.

Once we have accepted the reality of what is, we can go with the flow. We stop trying to control other people or bend situations to our will. To get the idea of what this means, picture a surfer riding a wave. He's not trying to push the breakers or hold back the tides but to become so attuned to the movement of the water that he and the wave are one.

- John-Roger, D.S.S.
(From: What's It Like Being You? by John-Roger, D.S.S. with Paul Kaye, p. 87)

Welcome to MSIA

The purpose of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA) is to teach Soul Transcendence, which is becoming aware of yourself as a Soul and as one with God, not as a theory but as a living reality. Your Soul is who you truly are; it is more than your body, your thoughts, or your feelings. It is the highest aspect of yourself, where you and God are one.

MSIA provides a variety of tools and techniques that allow you to experience your Soul and, therefore, your own Divinity.

Equally important, MSIA presents an approach that focuses on how to incorporate spirituality into your everyday life in a tangible, workable way. We call it "practical spirituality." It allows you to attune more and more to your Soul and to increasingly live from that awareness.

We invite you to learn more about MSIA by Exploring, Experiencing, and Participating in what we have to offer, and if you like, you can also order a free book, Journey of a Soul, that explores the nature of our true essence as Soul.

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Soul Transcendence Become aware of yourself as Soul & one with God.

Soul Awareness Discourses A course in Soul Transcendence.

Spiritual Exercises A form of meditation / prayer to attune to God.

Free Introductory Book Download Journey of a Soul by John-Roger.

John-Roger's Challenge of the Week

"This week's challenge: don't let your basic self lead you around.

If you want to have a fun time, allow your basic self to lead you around, and then you can see the difference."

*Note:  The basic self is the lowest of the three selves (basic self, conscious self, high self) and has the responsibility for the bodily functions, maintains habits and the psychic centers of the body.  It is also known as the lower self.

-John-Roger, DSS

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