Gathering of Peacemakers Around the World at the Conference of Soul Transcendence

Terilee Wunderman, photos by David Sand

What a treat to hear from peacemakers around the world in IIWP’s annual Gathering of Peacemakers at the Conference of Soul Transcendence. I loved...

Say Yes to Service: Representatives Meeting at the Conference of Soul Transcendence

Tom Smyth, co-MSIA Rep with Madonna Smyth in Colorado, photos by David Sand

I attended the gathering of Reps and Volunteers on July 3rd at the Four Seasons Hotel. The event was hosted by Angel Harper and Marcos Cajina who...

Calling All Peacemakers! Worldwide Peace Prayer, July 3, 2014 – August 4, 2014

Debbie Roth

IIWP WORLDWIDE INTERNET PEACE PRAYER  July 3, 2014 – August 4, 2014 Note: We'll open this round of the Peace Prayer at IIWP's Gathering of...

A Beautiful Watertown Peacemaker Meeting and Peace Pole Planting with John Morton

David Jenkins and Emily Page, photos provided by John Morton

Note: You can check out a Peacemaker Meeting at the Watertown Free Public Library, offered almost every month by David and Emily. For info on the...

The Glory of The Heavens: Easter at the Beach 2014

Ania Sara, photos by David Sand

What an exciting and most beautiful day as I set out for Prana to meet my daughter and her family in from Austin, Texas. We are traveling to the...

The Harmonic Convergence Concert

Penelope Bright

The Concert at Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens on February 22nd, 2014, was a celebration of the release of the new CD Sky Watching, featuring...

Riding Lesson | Meanwhile Up At The Ranch

Jack Espey

Windermere Ranch, Santa Barbara, February 2014 During the last IIWP picnic, at Windermere, Ana Sophia McComb was experiencing sitting on top of a...

IIWP's Second "Planting a Tree for Peace" Event in Caracas, Venezuela!

Vania Grimalt and Angel Grimalt

On Sunday, February 9th, IIWP Rep Vania Grimalt and other peacemakers gathered in the garden of the Simon Bolivar University to plant IIWP’s second...

Your Ultimate Safe Harbor

John Morton, D.S.S., MSIA Spiritual Director

One of the keys to your relationship with the Traveler is that you do your part.  It’s there for you as your responsibility. When you consider...

Peace Pole Planting in Los Polvorines, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

Rosemarie Jeangros

I would like to share with all of you these moments of peace and pleasure I am experiencing lately in my life. A little more than a year ago I...

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