World City Center Kids Visit Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens


Tuesday, March 31, together with their teachers and director, Rebecca Bernard, a delightful group of five to nine-year-olds walked to Prana from World City Center, housed in another historic building about four blocks away on Adams. Their purpose was to learn about the different styles of architecture in the neighborhood and to experience peace. Rebecca had prepared the group for a treasure
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Into the Sun: The Final Journey of My Best Friend’s Body


The feelings inside of me seemed to match the grayish monotone color of the outside world that morning. As I boarded the bus just outside of Asilomar and took my seat midway to the back, I could feel my jeans cold and wet, drenched through the pant legs between where my jacket and boots protected me from the downpour. The crystal clear blue waters and sun drenched seas of Bora Bora, where we
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A Glorious MSIA Family Christmas Eve with John Morton

‘Twas a beautiful Christmas Eve gathering of our MSIA Family in Santa Monica and live online on December 24, 2014. Estelle Day’s lovely harp playing filled the Brentwood Ballroom as participants arrived and found their seats.

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