Peace Awareness Trainings at Lake Arrowhead 2013

Sherie Wylie, photos by David Sand

Soul Gazing inside Eyes seeing the truth open My heart speaks out loud The Lake Arrowhead PATs are one of my favorite pastimes during the...

Claiming Our Spiritual Heritage of Peace: IIWP Worldwide Peace Prayer July 4 through August 6th 2013

Joan Shea

“The opportunity to be in peace is in every moment, in every choice. You come to peace first with yourself, and then by sharing peace with others....

First IIWP Planting a Tree for Peace Event in Bogota Colombia!

Vania Grimalt and Karen Zuluaga Jiménez

On Sunday, June 9th, IIWP Rep Vania Grimalt and 13 other peacemakers gathered in the home of Karen Zuluaga Jiménez in Bogota to have a Peacemaker...

John Morton and Friends Visit Walden Pond

article and photos by Leigh Merrihew Hamel

Thank God for our volunteers and their intuition, for on April 21, 2013, within days of the Boston Marathon bombing and related "shoot out", our...

Windermere, Responsible Creativity

John-Roger, DSS

(This article recently appeared in the 2013 Windermere calendar.) I have said that we were reaching a critical mass of energy, with more people...

Calling All Peacemakers! Worldwide Peace Prayer, February 13, 2013 to March 31, 2013

Debbie Roth

IIWP WORLDWIDE INTERNET PEACE PRAYER February 13, 2013 – March 31, 2013 "Peace is a choice you make. Peace is present and can be found right...

A Prayer and Blessing of Peace from John Morton

John Morton

Let’s not talk about peace. Let’s experience it. Right where you are, give yourself permission for a greater attunement to the peace that’s...

Earthquakes: Inside and Outside

John-Roger, D.S.S.

This is reprinted from an article in The Movement Newspaper, May, 1979. There has been some concern and some speculation about earthquakes in...

How Does One Show Unconditional Loving And Express Discernment?

John Morton, D.S.S., Spiritual Director of MSIA

Question: When faced with disrespectful or uncaring behavior from another, how does one show unconditional loving and express...

Calling All Peacemakers: IIWP Worldwide Peace Prayer November 28th 2012 to January 6th 2013

Debbie Roth

"The most important thing you can do to experience peace is to cease doing againstness." -John-Roger, D.S.S., IIWP Founder Are you looking for a...

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