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John-Roger on PATIV in 1984 in Israel

Innercessory Work

This article by John-Roger was first published in the New Day Herald in August of 2002.  It is a timely reminder of how we can contribute to peace inside of ourselves and into the world.

What we are not doing is “inter”-cessory work. This is when, let’s say you are having a disagreement with someone, such as your spouse or a co-worker, and someone intercedes on behalf of both of you and mediates between you to get it clear.

Here we are doing “inner”-cessory work, where we go inside of ourselves to where it all exists, even if it is out in the world. In there, we find the Divinity of our nature. And we bring those things that disturb us, or any person, or situation in the world that we have judged or that has thrown us out of balance, into that Divine nature. And they flow through and out, and in that process they receive a blessing from the Divinity that goes into the God consciousness.

The nice thing is that if the disturbance is inside of ourselves, it gets re-claimed into the oneness. If the disturbance is outside of us, then the blessing flows through and out of us into that.

It’s important to keep in mind that it is Spirit that does it–we are just setting it up, participating with it and flowing with it. But what actually happens is out of our hands and is in Spirit’s hands.

This innercessory work can be looked at as being an “inner seeding.” It’s a way for you and others to have more balance and upliftment. And like seeding, there is a payment that will need to be extracted. In this case, we often pay for it with part of our consciousness—that we are willing to say, “I give up part of my consciousness for your well-being.”

Then you seed for your own consciousness to be returned to you, which would be devotion to your spiritual exercises.

Another way to have it returned to you would be to do good works by loving and supporting the people who are next to you. This could be your wife, roommate, or a co-worker. In this method, people want to know that you are with them, so it is important that you demonstrate that and not just give it lip-service; otherwise you can lose part of the innercessory work you put into it.

– John-Roger

3 thoughts on “Innercessory Work”

  1. I love the clarity here. The more I can forgive inside of myself the more room I make to bless the world with the Light. Brilliant!

  2. I love the inner-cessory prayers that are taking place every day, at least 3 times a day. To me, it’s making a difference!

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