Thoughts on Peace and a Call to Action

By: John Morton DSS

May 21st, 2003

Thoughts on Peace and a Call to Action

Article imageI and so many others want to find a non-violent way when possible, and only use necessary force in order to stop what must be stopped, if we are to preserve and pass on a world with its balance established in peace. I simply must find a way to vote for peace and tranquility.

If your heart is anything like mine, and I’m sure it is, then you are feeling the tug to do something. For me, that is because there is actually something to do that resolves rather than leads to futility. So let us be about the business of engaging the processes that lead to reconciliation and peace.

Certainly our praying can turn the tide with the faith that has moved yonder mountains long ago and perhaps now forgotten save within the recesses of our Soul.

And then there is what we can do one at a time and together to stem the tide of againstness being waged in our midst far and wide. I purposefully am not specifying what you might do in particular, as I see this a matter for each one to take with the direct council of each consciousness.

I encourage you to find a way to do something about creating peace as a lasting outcome rather than concluding that nothing can be done. If nothing else, maybe you could just do something extra nice for someone or something, and then keep it up so that just maybe you tip the balance for the forces of greater good.

The negative power has no basis to sustain whatever it manifests into the world, and so all who are loyal to its end must fall by the very means with which they seemingly built themselves up.

Just as in the days of old, the tables are turning that the cleansing of the temple can be done. And, yes, forgiveness will continue to be called upon as the elixir needed in large doses to be taken internally and with liberal application externally.

Behold, yet another day is dawning full of God’s glory, the power of love, and Light everlasting. The prayer and collective call to peace has become ever louder and so will have its way as the peaceful transformation of the world takes place. Peace is present even with this current calamity that will cease.

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This is an amazing article on #peace. I’ve never seen it before. Thanks to the Moment of Peace email for the link to it!!! (Visit for more on Moments of Peace)