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Nathalie Franks

Delayed by God on Purpose

Recently I was on my way home and the bus was delayed. As I sat at the bus stop observing the crowds passing by, I became aware how sensitive I have become to noise. After 20 minutes a young lady sat next to me, and we started to chat about all kinds of personal ‘peeves’. I asked her where she was from, and she said Somalia.

Our conversation turned to religion and different faiths. She told me that a psychic had told her that she had two guides and asked me what I thought about that. I responded by saying that I had an internal guide that is always present and it’s the voice I always turn to. She responded by saying ‘Oh you mean source’. I smiled as I felt the Spirit working.

Our bus had still not arrived, and she asked me if I thought she could reach her destination in time. Quite miraculously my destination allowed me to travel in the same direction with her for another 40 minutes, allowing us to continue our discussion. We then spoke about our travels, and I shared a lot about the trips I had been on in Japan, Israel, and Russia with J-R.

As I was getting off the bus and saying goodbye I said, “Oh by the way, if you want to learn more go to” She waved and smiled. I was so grateful our bus was delayed and had the opportunity to meet this beautiful soul ‘Nema’ and mention MSIA.

God works in mysterious ways.

Baruch Bashan


1 thought on “Delayed by God on Purpose”

  1. Merlene Bukovich

    Precious Nathalie,
    Fabulous sharing of your experience.
    Thank you for taking time to write this article.
    You Look Great as always.
    God bless you, I love you.
    Love, Light, & Laughter,
    Merlene Mason Bukovich
    San Diego, California

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