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Genie Ford

Genie Ford Still Going Strong at 98

Hello Dearly Beloveds,

I wanted to share that recently Genie celebrated her 98th birthday, and I also thought I’d share how she’s doing and a general brief about her introduction to John-Roger and MSIA.

Genie is doing awesome, she’s feeling well, and other than some short-term memory stuff, she’s still got it all going on. She lives at home and moves about daily on her own. And, she’s as sassy and quick-witted as ever. She’s so amazing. She reads (loves the paper and a good book), she has a Light List she ministers to each day, and she loves when I share with her about stories and the people on Facebook.

When Genie first met J-R, MSIA had not yet been set up. He was teaching high school. She liked to go to a local lecture hall and listen to speakers. She knew she was looking for and waiting for someone but didn’t know who.

On an occasion in 1967, J-R approached the podium as one of those speakers, and she immediately knew he was that one, and her wait was over.

He didn’t do seminars at that time, but he did do student counseling, so she set up an appointment for my brother to meet with him, and she has continued her connection with J-R ever since.

She volunteered every single day, until at some point she officially went on MSIA Staff, and then retired from Staff in 2020 (age 94).

You are all so important to her, and she considers you family.

Thank you to each of you for your ministry and ongoing support for her (and for all of us), and for being a resource of Light energy at all times.

We are truly blessed.

Staci Ford & Genie Ford

8 thoughts on “Genie Ford Still Going Strong at 98”

  1. Marjorie Eaton

    OMG Beloved Genie – my Texan Gal still kicking your heels up for joy even if it’s only when you’re dancing in your heart.
    Loving you dearly my sweet friend.

  2. Judith Beavers

    Dearest Genie, I came into the Movement with J-R and all in 1988 after Insight trainings. Back then I remember hearing your name as someone others had great gratitude for. It was a privilege to finally meet you and receive notices and calls and to witness your presence among us at so many events. Blessings to you in All Ways needed and gratitude for all ways of your service for sooooo many. the Touch of your loving magnifies forever.

  3. Genie, I love you. What a blessing to have you on the planet with us, holding the Light. Stacy, I love you and your brother.

  4. Dear beloved Genie So glad you are still with us,holding love and light. I am grateful for your stern guidance which kept me on the straight and narrow over the years. Much loving and light to you. As J-R used to say onward and upward. God Bless you Juliana Rose

  5. Corinne Kidd *

    Dear Genie, You are forever etched in my heart. I remember as a first time visiter to Prana with a girlfriend (we’d just done Insight II) walking around in awe to be in LA and Prana…and you working in products..bought some stuff and we were going to the airport – and you offered to take us. I was so touched. You were an angel. We felt a bit lost with all the new-ness.
    Never forgot your generosity and how you ministered – a beautiful example for me. May Blessings continue to abound for you. Much loving to you.

  6. Taras Lumiere

    Yes you! You were there in 1976 when I first came to PRANA. You made such an awesome impression on me – I was an airy-fairy hippie type coming off several years of partying and you were a no-nonsense gal who was also joyful and quick to smile. Thank you for helping me feel at home in PRANA and greasing the soul transcendence elevator.

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