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Agapi Stassinopoulos

When Did You Become So Spiritual?

A Poem by Agapi Stassinopoulos

When did you become spiritual? They ask me

And I ask myself indeed when did I become spiritual?

I hear my inner voice say you were born spiritual you’ve been a spirit for eons and millions of times

And then you forgot and married the matter, the flesh, the ego, the glamor, the world, it was never a happy marriage You always felt there was something more

There was maybe someone else you looked around and there was always more but more of the same!!!

One Day you broke down into the pavement of your school and did a headstand in the middle of the gym and everybody admired you and said wow isn’t she something She can do a headstand on the pavement on the cement

You wanted to show the world that there was something more in you than just being pulled down by gravity

But then you forgot again and you let gravity pull you down

It’s hard it’s hard to take off the garments of the world it’s hard it’s hard to walk naked and be in your majesty of your spirit

When did you become  Spiritual, they ask me

And I answer

When the world stopped giving me what I thought I wanted when my dream of being a famous star, an actress on the stage, celebrated, adored, and applauded, when that dream collapsed, and there was nothing that the world was giving me. I had to turn inside I had to ask there must be something more I can’t just be forgotten and denied

And I looked and I knocked on the door and I knocked again, and I heard the voice say stop knocking, stop, banging your head against the wall

Just stand tall inside of you

And do your inner summersaults

And let the spirit in you pull you up, defy gravity of your existence

Define your very existence with one look, with one touch, with one breath

You can overcome the Maya of the world, remembering the one that led you here to this moment


Beloved, cherished and welcomed

Celebrated in the inner worlds

Beyond where you placed your attention before

We are here together

Hold my hand

We will do handstands on people’s hearts, and show them that they too can defy gravity and collapse their walls


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