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John-Roger, circa 1982

The Way Out Is the Way In

Who you really are is fun and joy.  And if you can move into that and enjoy yourself, then probably 90% of what you want to do on this planet will be accomplished. – John-Roger

This article by John-Roger was first published in The Movement Newspaper, July 1982

Who you really are is fun and joy.  And if you can move into that and enjoy yourself, then probably 90% of what you want to do on this planet will be accomplished.

Some factors that keep us from accomplishing are addictions, habitual responses and reactive patterns.  They demand on the energy.  There are times that you’ll be so tired that you don’t know how you can be so tired.  So you sit and rest until you get your energy back.  While you’re sitting and resting, what we call the subconscious, the addictions of the subconscious, are still pulling on the available energy that’s in the body.  It’s like having a balloon that is filled with water and you punch little holes in it.  As you stand there and hold it, the water is squirting out all over and you wonder why.  So you put more water in the top but the water keeps going out.  When does that end?  First of all you need to plug up all the holes.  Say, “I’m not going to do that.  That’s done.  I’m finished with that.”

The most obvious level that we deal with is the physical level.  In the level just below the physical is the one we call the subconscious.  That type of thing is where you try to remember your wife’s name and you can’t.  Or you try to remember what day you were married or the birth date of somebody or when your first kid was born and you think, “Oh, if I just had a hint.”  So you say, “Let’s see, I graduated in…oh yes, I graduated in 1952.”  That would be a demonstration of the subconscious working.  What happens with the subconscious is that the more pressure you push on it to pull anything out of it, the more it locks itself down.  So what you have to say is, “Oh, who cares.  I graduated in 1952.”  The information just comes right back up.

Whenever you run something through your mind and you figure it out, that’s a conscious expression of what you’re doing.  The subconscious is when it’s there, you’ve done it and you know you’ve done it.  The next level is what we call the unconscious.

The unconscious level functions in a different kind of parameter than the subconscious.  The reason that it’s unconscious is because you don’t know it.  What could you possibly have in the unconscious that you don’t know?  Everything that goes into that lower level is put in there consciously, everything.  Some is put in there subliminally, which means just barely conscious.

Have you ever been watching television and dropped off to sleep and had a dream and started incorporating the television program into your dream?  Have you ever been driving down the road in your car and you know where you’re going but in your mind you’re thinking about something else and you miss your turnoff?  When these things happen, you are not functioning on a conscious level.

We start projects mentally, emotionally or physically and say, “I’m going to do this and this and this and this.”  In the unconscious, all of those “I’m going to’s”  that were not finished are little hooks that hang out in the unconscious energy levels of the body.  As you’re rolling through life there’s a good chance that all of these little hooks will grab out and hold onto a lot of things.  Maybe you had a girlfriend who walked out on you and now there is another one who reminds you of her and you like her but you don’t know why.  People who are clairvoyant see it in the stomach chakra center.  It’s just spinning around, hooking on to whatever comes into your life.  Every one of these projects demands a level of energy.

When you don’t have sufficient energy and are too tired and don’t know why, you might want to look at what you’ve started and what you haven’t completed.  The consciousness inside of us, the human consciousness, is one of completedness and completingness if it is focused.  For instance, we rarely start to eat without thinking we’re not going to finish.

We always have a goal out there that we’re going to accomplish.  The unconscious doesn’t care.  The energy doesn’t care.  How can you stop it?  You stop it consciously.  If you start to read a book, close it and say, “I’m finished.  I’m not going to read anymore.”  That’s all the consciousness has to hear because we are the ones who declare the end of things.

It’s important to keep in mind that energy follows thought.  If the thought isn’t complete, the energy keeps going.  It doesn’t care about your intention.  My mom used to tell me, “Son, the way to hell is paved with good intentions.”  And my dad used to mutter, “Yeah, and he’s got a two-lane highway going.”  Actually it was a four-lane highway.  I was doing things they didn’t know about.  I blamed it on genetics.  Did that make any difference?  No.  Because if blaming made these things go away, we would take the energy that is being used in the lower levels and reverse it to the higher levels.

You might say, “But I don’t get to read the book if I close it and put it down and say I’m finished.  I didn’t get out of it what I wanted.”  Well, what are you getting out of it while it’s sitting on the shelf and you’re thinking about reading it?  Nothing — the same thing.  But at least you’ve gone through an action of completedness.

When we decide we won’t do it, we sit down to rest.  This is the law of Spirit.  It’s like the law of gravity.  It doesn’t care.  It doesn’t matter what you think or feel.  Energy follows thought and it will go until it’s completed.  You can complete anything anytime you declare it.

When you do not make a decision, when you do not decide to decide, it’s called decision by default.  The default decision is worse because you rant and rave against the fortunes of life.  When you don’t decide, a decision is made for you.  In the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness we say, “Be careful what you ask for because you’re going to get it.”  And when you do get it and all the little its that follow it, you say, I didn’t ask for those.”  Yes, you did.  They were connected.

“Well, if I’d known that, I wouldn’t have asked for it. “That’s why I say, “Be careful what you ask for.”  And when it does come your way you have to be prepared to handle it to completion.  If you don’t, you must re-do it.  The unresolved, uncompleted things that you are responsible for will pull you back into completion.  It will pull you back whether you like it or whether you don’t like it.  It doesn’t respect your likes and dislikes.

We must demand on the Spirit — not mentally, not emotionally, but by the physical movement of the body just to have the energy supplied to us.  That’s why you have a physical body.  If I stand here and decide I can’t move until I get more energy, I’ll stand here for an awful long time because there’s nothing inside of me saying I need more energy.  As soon as I start moving and saying I need more energy, it starts rushing to me because I’m using up what I’ve got and what I had that I’m getting through this conscious level here.

Part of how we drain off the energy is to say, “That’s too much.  I can’t do it.  I can’t read ‘Gone With the Wind.’ Look how thick that book is.”  Can you read a thin book?  “Sure.  I’ll open the book and just read one word at a time.”  That’s the same way you read a big book.  The process of getting a big job done is the same as getting a little job done.  It’s a cinch by the inch; it’s hard by the yard! Cut the thing down to inches and do it.

The key is doing.  The doing process is physically picking up your body, walking it down, driving it, and walking it back again.  If you think, “How many more trips do I have to make?”  you enter into the mental level and that draws off the same energy field.  No wonder you walk around tired.


Healing takes place when you complete your life patterns and your goals.  This is extremely important because energy becomes immediately available to you as a conscious, awake person.  This means there are no areas inside of you that are asleep.  People who have bad eyesight have an area inside of them that is sleeping and that is the area they look from and it can’t see.  So what they have to do is amplify everything so that they can see.

The way out is in.  We all know that the way out here only leads to more out here.  No matter how beautiful it is, how it glitters, what the glamour is, no matter what it is, it’s going to corrupt and decay out here.  You’re going to have to maintain it and maintain it and that takes energy.

When the energy is converted back to completedness, by wholeness, you end up in an area called holiness.  When you complete the actions, your energy becomes present and you have a feeling of completedness, of wholeness, but that’s still not the end.  When you think you’ve got it made, you add the word etcetera.  Keep going.  Let it declare the end to you.  Once you start declaring the end, you may declare too soon against yourself.  Don’t do things against yourself.

We teach what is known as Spiritual Exercises because from this level there’s no way we can transcend the levels of consciousness through our own will or our own volition because of the ignorance that is part of us.  I call it the divine unknowing.  We just don’t know.  That doesn’t make us bad or evil or wicked.  But in that divine unknowing resides all of the divine.  So obviously, that’s the direction.

We go up to a higher source and from there we bring down the energy.  We call it doing Spiritual Exercises.  We exercise the Spirit, the Soul, by pulling the energies from that vibratory frequency more and more until it starts to push down into the physical levels.

Energy will follow the body form.  Misuse the energy, put the energy in the wrong place and the body will build its form around it.  Start to use the energy in a correct way — right thinking, right feeling, right action — and the energy starts moving into the areas that have been blocked or closed off.  The body starts aligning itself spontaneously.  It will jolt, move around and straighten itself up.  When that energy is present, it makes everything liquid.  It makes everything smooth.  It lines itself up, reforms itself according to conscious thought and according to the pattern of your behavior.  And if you don’t change your behavior, it’ll go back to the previous condition.

This age that is upon us is an age of collective we-ness, us-ness.  We’re getting away from the selfishness into the selfing.  Go ahead and start living your life where you are.  Jesus was born in a manger to show you that you can start from where you are.  You don’t have to wait until you get to the throne until you take off.  Start where you are right now.  Don’t repair anything.  Don’t fix anything.  Let this moment be the starting point and just go up from where you are.

Baruch Bashan

– John-Roger

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