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Traveler John Morton at Prana for MSIA Easter Events, March 2024

It Is A Beautiful Life Follows It’s A Wonderful Life

The way I relate to my life is it’s a wonderful life.  Was that always easy?  Not quite. I’m working on that.  I would like it to be easy and with grace if we can get that in.  – John Morton

This article and blessing come from sharings John Morton gave at Living in Grace in December 2023.

There is a natural order here that serves your highest good.  It doesn’t go against anyone or have favors.  If it favors you, it’s because it has already been doing something like that from the beginning.  It doesn’t stop favoring you or any one of us.

There is this aspect called co-creatorship.  My experience is we don’t get introduced to our co-creatorship at the greatest level until we can handle it.  It would not be given to us in a way we could mess up.

You may say, “I feel like I’m being denied.”  You are not being given what you can’t handle right now.  It is waiting for you so that we can come into an attunement that is in co-creatorship.  I often experience what I am doing in this way.

If something is already done, I don’t need to keep that in my consciousness.  Often, I don’t retain what doesn’t really serve a purpose.  You don’t need to retain it.  Just be open to what it is now.

Sometimes parlor tricks are fun, but what are we doing?  We are having some fun and even if we are cheating, that could be part of the game.  There are games where you are allowed to cheat until you get caught.  There are a few of them around.  But what is that about?

Let’s see if you are smart enough to pull that off.  Even a magician might say, “See if you can figure out how I do that.  That’s for me to know and you to find out.  But when you do, maybe I’ve already got another one you don’t know.”

There are ways to use everything, or it wouldn’t be present.  In this world, there is so much where we are only involved until we’re on to the next thing.  Then it goes away. It doesn’t matter.  It’s “no thing.” Other people may still retain it or be involved.  That’s not your level of concern.  That is one of my questions: “Is this my level of concern?  Am I called into this?”

You might ask, “Why were you going into somebody’s room who’s got Covid in 2020 when masks were everywhere?” Because I’m called into it in my ministry.  Would you want to do it?  If I had my way personally, no.  But in my intention to serve, I am called into it. I am doing something beyond my personal level of concern because I’m willing to be in the consciousness of service.

I put that in motion a while back. It’s a question I put directly to John-Roger on the day of my causal initiation. It really set something in motion that is still in motion. A lot has come forth in my life because I asked the question and was willing to conduct myself in the answer.  Sometimes that was not easy.

I am not just telling you something that is personal to me but doesn’t apply to you. If you want to go all the way with the Traveler Consciousness, you are going to be in the highest service because that is the way it works.  It is conducting itself how God would in the situation.  Those situations become realms, worlds, and dimensions everywhere. It is always applying itself.

If that is one of those things that is “always,” then I consider it is my level of concern.  If we are involved in that, it takes us into places. The way I relate to my life is it’s a wonderful life.  Was that always easy?  Not quite. I’m working on that.  I would like it to be easy and with grace if we can get that in.

That is often my experience with grace.  I didn’t do anything.  Grace just came in.  I may have done something to help, like show up.  What was being delivered spiritually needed a form who would conduct it.  I look at that as what we are lined up for if we choose.  It is a beautiful life.

Baruch Bashan

A Blessing for a Beautiful Life

Just take a moment in the grace field to be aware of how you would see beauty.
And what would you see if it’s the most beautiful?
Relax. All you need to do is let go.
The beauty is present.
It’s in the breathing in and the breathing out.

Let’s take a moment to also be aware of who is with us in this beauty.
So that can be who we relate to as kindred.
But it can also be brother son and sister moon.
That we’re kindred with all of the creation.
And we’ve called forward the beauty.
So everywhere we look, however our senses are active,
we experience the beautiful.
And what is especially gracious.

Let’s take a moment to make it personal.
You can do that from within as you experience greater beauty,
be aware of what lets go, what releases, what clears, what opens.

And this greater beauty is also greater opportunity
for what makes a beautiful life.

The experience is right here, right now.
It’s in this place.
So it’s where you are, where we are in this moment.
So we can do it together.

Now let’s take a moment to open up from Spirit,
how the kindred comes into our presence through Spirit.
It does know who we are physically, mentally, emotionally,
all the ways our consciousness moves.

Now let’s take a moment with the beauty of the Lord’s presence.
That One who is in our midst.

Now we have the experience that the Lord is upon us.
It’s an embrace.

So we give in, and we give out.
And we do this together.
It’s simple.
We’re in a beautiful day with more on the way.

Thank you, Lord.
Baruch Bashan.

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