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John Morton at MSIA's Good Friday Seminar, March 2024

The Traveler Visits Prana for Easter

It had been more than three months since John and Leigh came for a  Christmas seminar at 3500 West Adams Boulevard. Lots and lots of classes and seminars had happened at the MSIA headquarters in the meantime, but having the Traveler and Leigh back in person to celebrate Easter made a special impact on me. There’s an inexplicable and compelling connection I still have with John, my Traveler, that continues after all these years and makes such live encounters with him like golden Easter eggs hidden throughout my life.

Having people come and stay at Prana as guests added to the fun and familial feel. I’m still incredibly grateful for their visit. It felt like a mini family reunion only instead of binge-drinking and party games we were feasting on mana from heaven and participating in a powerful transmutation of negativity. And, to be fair, there was some binge-cake-eating as well.

I woke up the morning of the Good Friday seminar with gorgeous music running through my consciousness and knew that on some level this seminar was already taking place in Spirit. I was delighted to get a seat in the main room where John delivered the seminar. Time slipped away as he talked, and I found myself expanding into a tender and loving place, rising like a hot air balloon on the winds of Spirit, carried into a great altitude where the world seemed both distant and beautiful as it ran its course.

Later someone said to me, “That Friday seminar took me right out of my body. I only came back at the words ‘Baruch bashan.’ It was just like the old days with J-R.”

Of course, everyone has their own way of experiencing a Traveler seminar. For me, that’s part of the magic. It seems to reach us and stir us in ways that are uniquely personal, transcending the boundaries of emotion, thought, and imagination.

And, a bit of flesh and blood on the experience can be wonderful. At lunch time during the workshop I was making my way back to my seat and my new guide dog, Dream, to be stopped by Leigh who told me John was blessing the yellow lab who lay sprawled under the bench in the Prana dining room. “Well,” I thought, “That explained the massive clearing I just had seemingly out of nowhere. Check, please.”

The day after Easter, I walked through the large seminar room where the workshop and communion had taken place and I could still see the light column like a footprint marking the tracks of a mythical beast that had passed by and left magic in its wake. We’ll be doing our best to keep the light glowing until conference and our next Traveler visit.

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