IIWP Gathering of Peacemakers – Conference 2017

By: David Whitaker, photos by David Sand

June 30th, 2017

IIWP Gathering of Peacemakers – Conference 2017


We chant the Ani-Hu and come into silence.
We hold together. The silence settles like falling snow. Peace is present.

It slips past our usual guard of circumstance and touches us like a whisper that we cannot help but hear, a single vowel sung in a concert hall.


Our Light meets our bodies.
One saying, “I will be.”
And the other, “I will do.”

The Peace touches us, our shoulders relax and our eyes soften as we fold inward, embracing the point of contact.

If you were to look now, you would see a thousand forms of Love. But you don’t need to look, to know.

Peace is present. Peace is the cessation of againstness. Peace is a choice.

This is our prayer.

We come into it now, the way that a single oak leaf shifts in the breeze or the way the sweetgrass smells in the summer sun or the way the tension on the surface of the water holds the palm of your hand.

Peace touching Peace.

In the congregation we stand like a grove of ancient trees.

We have watched each other grow and reminded each other when we have forgotten that rainy days nourish us and that the heat of the sun gives us life.

And most important of all, we meet in the silence to remember the presence of Peace.

And here’s a reflection by Sina Skates:

Peace is Present… just now at the close of our Gathering of Peacemakers event sponsored by the Institute for Individual and World Peace (IIWP). Wow… what a beautiful meeting we had this evening! So filled with peace, loving, and gratitude! Every year I choose a new quality from the “Adopt A Quality Program”. This past year, I chose Transformation, and I experienced tremendous growth and expansion as I completed year 3 DSS online. For this coming year, I have chosen 2 qualities – Loving and Enthusiasm. These are both qualities that I experience in abundance, however, when I checked inside… I thought… “Could I ever have too much loving?” NO WAY! And many know me to be quite “Enthusiastic” already… but… as the fourth law of Spirit… I wanted to claim this energy on a deeper more profound level. I encourage anyone to try this – $10 per month for 1 quality, $20 per month for 2 qualities. Choose as many as you would like… the opportunity to work with Spirit and the qualities charged by JR through the Windermere property is a blessing to us all.
I love you.
God Bless You.
Peace, Be Still.



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