Prana Guest House Program

The Prana Guest House offers lovely overnight accommodations right on the grounds of Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens, MSIA’s international headquarters in Los Angeles for MSIA Discourse subscribers. Guests stay in the charmingly restored original carriage house on the property, “a spiritual oasis in the heart of the city.”

If you are coming to Los Angeles for an MSIA or PTS class, looking for some personal retreat time, or just want to plug into the wonderful Traveler energy, the Prana Guest House is a great option. The Guest House is situated between our beautiful labyrinth and meditation gardens, adjacent to the main building.



The seven guest rooms each have a pair of twin beds, except for one which has a double bed ideal for a couple. Three shared bathrooms are located in the hallway. You may wish to bring a bathrobe for walking to/from the bathrooms. If we are fully booked, you will have a roommate. If we are less busy, you may have a room to yourself.


Your stay includes three meals per day. On weekdays, a buffet lunch and dinner are prepared for all guests, residents, and staff. For breakfast and meals on weekends, you will have access to an array of fresh ingredients, as well as a stocked salad bar, to prepare your own meals. We provide a selection of organic teas, both caffeinated and herbal. Although we don’t provide coffee, you are welcome to bring it with you.


Loving service is the foundation for all that is done at Prana. If you’re staying with us more than two nights, we ask that you volunteer at least a half an hour per day in areas such as the kitchen, PTS, or the Products Department. We’ll help you coordinate this when you check in.

Getting Around

If you are planning on attending events outside of Prana, or want to explore the city, we recommend renting a car, which you can park in a secured lot on the Prana grounds.


Prana Guest House Requirements