What is Tithing?

Tithing is giving back 10 percent of your increase to the source of your spiritual teachings. It’s done unconditionally, joyfully and with gratitude, and is a way to acknowledge the source of the abundance in your life. It’s an affirmation that God is your partner and sets your intention to live under grace.

When you commit to tithing, something inside you works differently from that day forward. It can work wonders by bringing you to an inner peace–by balancing some of the karmic blocks that have stood in your way. For information on tithing, visit www.msia.org/tithing.

Why Tithe?

Tithing is given to the source of your spiritual teachings. If you are on the path of studying Soul Transcendence, your tithe would go to MSIA. Many people tithe whenever they receive an increase in wealth, such as when they receive a paycheck, pension, or other source of income.

Tithing is giving 10% of your gross income. If you are beginning and don’t feel comfortable giving 10% you can start with 1% and slowly build up month by month. Keep in mind that God knows the intention of your heart.


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